field trips

Pardon the repetition but, I love London. I love our weekends. No matter what we do, it reminds me of what I did wrong in New York. Explore a new neighborhood? Pick a famous faraway city spot to visit? Check check. No Nope. New York, forgive me. We could have been so much more. But we had a lot.

Friday night I went with two girlfriends in the ‘hood to see SATC. Yes, lots of dressed up ladies at the movie. I was nervous because I never really watched the show back in the day. I surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Whatever else people can say about the wealth, the clothes, the unrealistic plot lines and ability of every character to lunch all the time, despite families and jobs… at its core (unless you’re a heartbreak junkie), to me it’s about the power of female friendship. Catty, undermining and insecure on its worst days. But life-saving and thrilling on its best. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha show the best version.

Saturday we decided to pick a neighborhood in London we hadn’t been to yet. We went to Angel / Islington and walked around, discovered two new favorite pubs (the list is getting long), one on the canal. Sunday was beautiful, sunny and 80 degrees and so we headed to Kew Gardens – all 300 acres of famous botanical gardens and arboretum.

The word from back home is how hot it is. I am sure I would be complaining too if I was there. But from far away in a more overcast and temperate climate, I can say I will miss those days. Wear some bikinis and drink sangria for me.

Angel / Islington

This is a great country

Scenes from Kew Gardens


Less colorful but still-awesome flora

Water lilies and their pads


Treetop walkway



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6 responses to “field trips

  1. Rebarky

    nice pictures! Especially the one at the bottom right of Yael squinting/smiling into the camera. Yes, it is 99 degrees here today. Officially too hot for clothes.

  2. yael

    I may look like I am squinting/smiling, but in fact I am terrified to be atop a swaying platform among the treetops, 59 feet up from terra firma.

  3. Farg

    why don’t we, non-europeans, have cool tree-top pathways? i’m jel.

  4. Very nice pics.

    Looks like the new camera is working out. Although, I do recommend not “losing” another one to get an even better one.

  5. Ed

    A few months ago, I sat through an hours-long meeting focused on identifying what made SATC tick (and can we use that knowledge for our channels). I had to listen to people drone on and on and on, but here you nailed it in about three sentences.

  6. yael

    Ed, maybe the ABC family needs my amateur wizard-like focus group abilities here in the UK?

    And tell your Aussie wife not to get upset by my additional posting today exposing the “food” that the Queen’s subjects call “breakfast.” 😉

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