I think this is where I am supposed to say that I am Yael, daughter/sister/friend/lawyer, wife to Bryan and mommy/mummy to Jonah and Simon. We moved from Brooklyn, New York, to London, England in February 2008. Because we like to think we are adventurous. But it turns out it’s only the fourth city I have ever lived in. Um, what else?



23 responses to “Me/Us

  1. Sonjey

    Thanks Yaelie, so interesting to hear about all your early adventures. How’s my son????

    miss you both already!!!!

  2. Suzanne

    I dont know you guys in person but feel like I do through Sandy! I also know your sister and bro in law!!! I just want you to know that this was such an incredible and thoughtful blog to share…Your warmth and caring is emulated in how you write about your family and friends!!! Really enjoyed it ( Sandy was beaming and so proud she had to share!!) and hope your visit with the moms is wonderful!! Happy Easter!

  3. Julie

    Yael I love your blog, I think I have turned into a faithful reader! Also you should send your entry about your cell phone number in to Newsweek “My Turn”, it’s awesome.

  4. the picture looks cool! enjoy London!

  5. Loved reading your blog, brought me back to the heady early days of simultaneously loving and hating it here as an American in the UK. Although I kept my Virginia (434) cell phone and use it when I’m back “home” in the greater DC area. Does every American who moves here just wonder how on earth BT or any of them stay in business???
    Not from around here
    p.s. I’m also 32!

  6. beth

    yael, can you please write a book? this blog is amazing.

  7. Jason & Janet Gentile

    Yael & Bryan,

    Connie told me about your blog so I had to check it out. Seriously, are you sure you should be a lawyer??? You need to write a book. I got many a good chuckle last night while reading. Sounds like you two are enjoying life abroad. It can’t possibly be as exciting as life in Pittsburgh with three kids under age 7!! Take care and keep in touch.
    Love, Jason, Janet, Nick, Ryan, & Ella

  8. Rachael B. Goldman

    Dear Yael,
    I just came upon your website and thought it was really fun, tongue-in-cheek (or chic) and right on target. I’m going to London for the first time this week and since I’ve never been there before I’d be interested in seeing it through an American’s eyes. I’m actually doing some research at the British Museum on Greek and Roman art and will be around till Aug. 4, 2008. Maybe you coudl show me around?
    Please feel free to google me.
    Hope to hear from you,

  9. Jeremy


    I’m not sure whether I’m more embarrassed about not seeing or talking to you since you turned thirty, or that I’m apologizing for it on your blog because I’m doubting the email address I have for you. Needless to say, I felt more than a little sheepish to learn that you guys have been in London for a year or whatever, but John quickly reassured me: “Don’t worry, man. You can catch up on every DAY of her life on her blog.” – which, by the way, is AWESOME.

    You’re brilliant.
    Be well.
    Big love,

  10. AJ

    Yael! Congratulations on the baby boy! I just had a baby girl two months ago. I’ll send you some pictures (her name is Catherine Claire)

    Everything is going well out here in the Los Angeles area, sounds like everything is still great for you. Write me sometime, give me an update. The is the first time I’ve seen the Yael chronicles-awesome!
    talk to you later,

  11. Emma

    Hi Yael!

    I love your blog. My husband and I are about to make the move from NYC to London, and reading the insights of other expats is my new chosen distraction (yours is my favorite!).

    I have a question about your baby’s delivery, if you don’t mind the bother: you seemed very happy with the hospital–was it at the Portland? It seems silly, given all the other things to fret over, but we plan to start a family soon, and my anxiousness about having a comforting place to give birth in London is #1.


  12. Yael,

    My mom has been reading your blog and sent me the link last night. I’ve spent the last two hours reading through and love it! I, too, am from Virginia and moved here for my husband’s job in July. I also hate my dual washer/dryer and think it’s silly that they’re eggs don’t come in foam crates. It’s so nice to read someone else’s likes/dislikes that are parallel to my own.


  13. Cathy J

    Hi Yael – I stumbled upon your blog several clicks into a Google search on “stores like Target in the UK.” Sadly, no stores like Target, but I’ve been reading your blog from the start all afternoon and I just love it. I wish I had known about it when I first arrived in London from NOVA one month ago. Lots (loads) of common occurances and tips for getting through. Thanks!

  14. Pat Allen

    Its kind of weird that I hang out with you on a weekly basis and only manage to capture half of your musings in the flesh. (For the record however, your stellar vocabulary is never amiss.) I guess this is the excellent stuff that comes out at 2 am when I’m asleep on someone’s couch after a dinner party. Goop who? x

  15. hi there yael! i’m so glad i found your blog! i am an expat living here over 11 years now. I was wondering if you wouldnt mind emailing me? i am a portrait photographer and am looking for an expat family for a specific reason – if you could just drop me an email, i’ll be glad to fill you in on the specifics – sorry, dont mean to sound secretive i just dont want to post it all here for the world to see.

  16. Marissa

    Is it totally weird to think you could be best friends with someone after reading their blog? (SUPER WEIRD. Of course it is.) No matter: I’ve totally spent the last few weeks reading through all of your adventures (lots of parts out loud, while laughing, to my husband, as he tries to do very necessary things like fill out immigration forms) as we get ready to move to London next week from Jersey City. Not only has your blog made me supremely comforted about so many little scary things (I’ve bought three sticks of deodorant to pack based on your cautions) — but you have made me wholly reconsider what traveling and taking full advantage of London while starting a family CAN be. So wonderful and refreshing to see — truly.

    (And, I’m just sayin’: think about the best friend thing and let me know.)

  17. Sophie

    Hey there, I work for Nerd Television, an award winning production company, are behind one of this years biggest transatlantic shows.

    We are looking for a lucky American couple based in London who would like to get their property done up and renovated. We’ll spare no expense as we let our two presenters loose using the latest technology and design techniques to turn your pad into a palace.

    I came across your blog and thought that you might be interested (or know another American couple who might be). If you’d like to find out more email or call 0207 043 0080 to speak to one of our lovely team.


  18. Lux

    I love your blog. I am considering moving to London when I am done with school in a few years I was hoping you could help me with a few things. I noticed you were a lawyer. I am in school to become a paralegal. I was hoping you could help me by telling me about other law positions there are in the UK that don’t involve being a lawyer.

  19. Lara

    Hi Yael,
    I’m family friends of the Pisarskis and Alan recommend I check out your blog. I”ve been reading it avidly since introduced a couple months ago. Too bad I didn’t know about it sooner – I’m an American expat with young kids and used to live in Marylebone (moved to W Hampstead last year)! When I saw your notice to Marylebone NCT about Melissa I put two and two together. Small world. Sorry to see you’re going. I adore your blog – I think I could it forward it to my friends and they would know exactly how I feel about London. I”ve been thinking of my own “things I’d miss if I were leaving” and postcodes was one of them, and then voila – it appears! Great minds and all. Anyway, have a great trip back and thanks for all the great tips in your blog!

    • yael

      Thanks, Lara! Love that we have a home connection and a London one. Wish I had known you while in M’bone! I’ll be looking for blogs to read once I leave to keep me tied to London. Maybe you’ll start one? : )

  20. Hi Yael,
    I came across your blog while searching for expat advice for Americans moving to the UK. (My husband and I just moved here – he’s English, I’m American.) Your blog is seriously hilarious and your kids are gorgeous. I especially want to thank you for bringing the slingbox to my attention – I watched the Bachelor finale this morning. Best wishes on your move back to the US!

    • yael

      So nice to cyber-meet you! I am always envious of Americans starting out their “journey” here. What a sweet, crazy time!

      Ironically, and speaking of the word “journey”, something weird happened with the Slingbox and last night’s finale didn’t tape! I must be the biggest fan on Earth who cannot watch the show. Glad you could though!

  21. Rachel

    Hi Yael! I stumble on your blog last night while search for American moms in London. You really should write a book, your posts are hilarious and your sons are adorable. About 45 minutes into reading (totally got sucked in, you really should write a book), I realized that I know you. We went to Brooklyn Law School together. I think I was a 1L when you were a 3L. I was involved with LAW (I think that was the name of the women’s legal group) and the SBA. Small world!

    Any ways, my family (me, husband, one year old son) are hopefully moving to London for 9-12 months this fall… still working out details with my husband’s company. In the meantime I have started obsessively reading the interwebs about London, neighborhoods, etc. We are currently in Austin, TX. I’m no longer practicing law…busy being a mom and part-time floral designer. We’d love to find a neighborhood similar to Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights (which we LOVED while we lived in NYC) in London. My husband and I have never been to London. Any recommendations or other mommy tips?

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