5 years, 1 month, 9 days

So I am pretty sure this blog is over.

Mostly. I have a few things I need to do for closure. (Why did I never blog about Barcelona? Jonah and Simon should have their latest letters. Is it overkill to make a slide show of London?)

I am so tempted to say “Thank you for reading.” But it just doesn’t seem like the right thing to say.

What I want to say really is that I never could have imagined what it would be like to interact with some of the people who read this blog. You have taught me things about this country I didn’t know or had wrong. You made me feel connected by virtue of similar opinions, experiences, and/or reactions to things. Or you challenged me in a way that was good. You turned me on to other things. You made me laugh out loud at your search terms. You humbled me with them too. You made feel like our family is cared for. Some of you were our fans. Some of you kept me on my toes. Some of you – and you probably know who you are – were people who easily would have slipped out of the grasp of my everyday life (tangential acquaintances, light-hearted friendships forged by shared experiences which were no longer shared, etc.) but because of some mutual fondness we had for this exact forum and the story being told, we totally heart each other now. I cherish that, I really do.

Blogging is a very funny thing. Beside it being mostly a 1-sided conversation (which may be a contradiction), there was always a small voice in the back of my mind (FOR FIVE WHOLE YEARS) that while living an experience in the moment was concurrently considering whether it should be blogged and if yes, formulating in what manner and whether a picture was needed or a reminder jotted down. I guess maybe it’s a little like being a very, very, very lowly and non-contributing-to-society talentless journalist. You’re always sort of “on”, living life while processing which parts should be turned into anecdotes or screeds.

I think I will miss that and I won’t miss it. It’s also worth mentioning I am total crap at formatting and uploading pictures and I can’t even write a paragraph without getting distracted and combing the internet for the most inane celebrity “news” available for public consumption. In other words, I am technologically slow and easily distracted. This means that this blog takes me a lot of time.

I’m ready to be a better mom (or at least a mediocre mom with a different time suck) and well, anyway

this blog was the part where we move to london.

And we don’t live there anymore.

In my head there is the part where we move back to brooklyn. In my head.


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26 responses to “5 years, 1 month, 9 days

  1. I hav read every. single. entry. And I loved them all… Your letters made me cry (and laugh), and your depictions of this amazing time for you and Bryan found me awed, jealous, amazed, intrigued, and more than anything – entertained. What a wonderful documentation you have brought together for yourself and your family of this time in your lives!

    Welcome home. Big ups to Bklyn!!

  2. sonjey

    Brooklyn Blog…….. It has a nice ring to it!!!!!!!!!! Maybe????

  3. A Richmond girl

    Nooooo, I LOVE reading your blog! Its the only one I read!! I selfish beg you to begin a NY version, but also totally get your reasoning…
    Thank you for all of the laughs. I should have commented more along the way…
    I will ALWAYS think about Cheerios in the bed in an entirely different light…
    You have such talent, a true true gift in writing, we feel right by your side as we read. Laugh. Cry. Make us think. Educate us. Did I mention laugh.
    Welcome back to the states, I hope to get to see you!
    Love you, and Bryan, and y’all becoming three then four.

  4. Definitely start a Brooklyn one, and let all us strangers who read your blog know about it 🙂

  5. sun

    that was a great ride! thank you!

  6. Rachel

    I agree with all the previous comments – Brooklyn Blog sounds good to me too. But maybe before you start writing again you should put your efforts into getting this blog published as a book – seriously! It is definitely that good!
    Oh, and I’m so glad you mentioned the thing about planning the blog in your head while experiencing events – I meant to ask you a long time ago if you did that as I do and now I feel much better about it, almost normal : )
    Thanks for the great entertainment!

  7. And I was just getting started! Very sad to have only found your blog a few weeks ago. All the best to you and your family, and enjoy life back stateside. 🙂

  8. Tara

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for the past four years. I will miss reading it Good luck!

  9. Katherine

    I don’t know how I found your blog but I have loved reading it. I’m an American married to a Brit and have lived in various places in the UK for over 10 years. Your blog is hands-down the most interesting/funny/tapped in to what life is like in the UK. It was genuine, honest and very, very funny! Seriously, any American that moves over and begins a blog should read yours first, as they will then decide to abort the blog plan as theirs will inevitably be terribly boring and be filled with horribly cliched views of the UK, British people and life in general. And yours was absolutely BRILLIANT. By the way-you want even more Brit-speak? Come on up to Liverpool and you’ll get a whole new Scouse vocab right quick.

  10. Jenny

    I will miss the blog! I loved hearing about your life and travels.

  11. Can’t wait for ‘The part where we move back to (the center of the universe)’ In the meantime, The part where we move to London’ will be a best-selling novel. Work it out. xx

  12. Joy

    Oh, that makes me sad to think of it being over! I’ve been reading almost since you began, when I was moving to Norway and googling “ex-pat life” or something like that. I’ve loved this blog, loved the Bachelor off-shoot blog, and would definitely read your Back to Brooklyn blog if you choose to write it!

  13. I’m so sad your adventures in London, and subsequent blog, are over. Your blog was an inspiration, source of knowledge, and comfort to me during our time in London. You will be very missed! But welcome back to the States (and please, please do a Brooklyn Blog!). xx

  14. Janelle

    If you don’t start another blog, you may have to start emailing my mother Jonah/Simon updates instead. So excited to see you soon!!

  15. Roddy

    Ok another plea from an admiring reader for you to keep writing! Don’t leave us hanging here. And by the way, have you thought of turning your blog into a movie (Julie & Julia anyone…)? S E R I O U S L Y – you have the talent. And it’s rare. I read alot of blogs and your voice really stands out.

  16. poren

    Yael, thank you for sharing your magic.

    I have no doubt in my mind that it will only get better because you will make it so.

    I might even start watching the bachelor just so I can read your prose…

  17. Meghan

    I too will miss this blog. On days where I’ve toiled in my office, this blog has so often provided a welcome respite of laughter, inspiration and tidbits of celebrity trash and pop culture updates that I never would have known otherwise. I started watching the bachelor just because of your blog – I almost had kids just because of your letters to Jonah and Simon. Almost. A fond and sad farewell to the London version and here’s to hoping for the Bk launch. xo

  18. Ron Utt

    Dear Yael: One of the great joys in my life is being your father, whether it was watching you define and defend your space in a tumultuous and energetic family, selling Girl Scout cookies, playing soccer (football), running in the Marine Corps Marathon, graduating law school, marrying Bryan, or giving your parents two delightful grandchildren. Yet, on top of all this, your blog may have been one of the best of your many accomplishments because you discovered – and showed us each week – another and deeper dimension of Yael Goldie Utt. You have an extraordinary talent for observation, and for writing, and as you can see from all of the recent comments, you have done what few others have: you have – for five years running – warmed the hearts of people throughout the world. No father could ever ask for more. I love you honey. Big Dad

  19. Liz

    Awesome job, Yael! It was so fun keeping tabs on the Caplins and all your adventures. Cheers to returning to USA!

  20. Alison

    Dear Yael: Whenever I go to Fburg I see a big picture of you at 4 years old in a clown suit with attendant makeup in the room where I sleep. I try not to trip on Jonah’s big boy bed in the middle of the night, or the castle of many towers. So, of course I know you well.

    As parents of children long past their toddler years, we treasure the pictures from those days. No doubt you do of your darling boys. But better for us are those new memories they make every day. Yours are shared by your very proud your Dad (see above) with his lucky friends.

    You are a magical writer. You won’t be able to stop.

  21. Yael: I have worked with your Dad for eons and a epoch or two and the best thing he ever did for me was to introduce me to your blog. best wishes in the US — the Brooklyn take on the US that is! Alan Pisarski

  22. Yael, I hope you take all this in and see the London years as a start. The premise of your blog might have been London through the eyes of an American. But the heart of your blog was all about building a family based on love, respect, generosity, humor, and a never ending sense of adventure. You will take that with you when you start the next chapter in Brooklyn, and we grateful readers will follow.

  23. Unsinkable

    The moving back part/blog would undoubtedly be as insightful and funny as the expat blog, especially to a fellow expat in London like me who may one day make the same move. Please continue!

  24. Carolyn

    Thank you for sharing! I have enjoyed your blog as a fellow American in London and as a returned American in Chicago. Your voice will be missed. I wish you the best of luck with the move back – it too is quite an adventure.

  25. Carolyn

    oh and i loved the countdown of things you will miss. it brought me right back and it was so much the same for me and in the end the friends and the life we created together is what i miss the most. =)

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