top things i will miss #4

imgresWhat I always loved about Washington, DC is the low height of all the buildings. What I have always loved about New York is the sheer, teeming size and energy of it. London is the perfect combination. It is a massive city, but with very few very tall buildings (just small pockets like Canary Wharf here and there). Low buildings mean that the iconic landmarks are visible from far away as points of orientation and points of inspiration. It means that the city is less about its skyline and more about the sum of its discrete beautiful parts. It also means you can easily see the actual sky when you’re walking around. And for me, the sky (especially when blue) is the perfect backdrop to take in

#4 the architecture.

url-7London is nonstop eye candy. Maybe if you’re from here you don’t even fully appreciate it. I’m not from here. And truth be told, I’m a (very extroverted) loner at heart. I guess my real London, my really, real, real, real London has been a lot of walking around by myself (or pushing a baby around, but that’s sort of like being alone).

And every single day, every. single. day. no matter what, I stared at the buildings. Because they blow me away. They are beautiful. They make me think and feel. They make me a little nervous to miss them.





url-3 url-2

Marylebone, where I spend – I don’t know – 90% of my life, is beautiful to me even on its own. I love the buildings in this neighbourhood almost most of all. Because they have been a constant backdrop to a time I loved.







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