top things i will miss #7

Well, I had high hopes for this list. But then I slacked off, and now we’re almost moving and I certainly can’t be bothered to blather on about this.

I wish.

Because the thing is, we are getting down now to my real, important, vital, precious, top things. And this one is a good one. You don’t even have to live here to know about this one. I will miss

#7 English terms and expressions.

I love giving my poppets a cuddle, especially when I think they’re being lovely and brilliant and clever and look smart but not so much when they’re being cheeky. The lovely parts make me broody. Unfortunately for Bryan. Jonah only knows about using a trolley at the shop and then going to the till. When we bring our food back to the flat we make it on the cooker and when we’re all done we put it in the rubbish or the bin or I guess really the rubbish bin. We take lifts and buggies and prams places and look out for lorries and the post and past the pub and sometimes the loo but always make sure we’re home for half five. He knows how to put on trousers and trainers and to shun jumpers. I’ve been minding and popping and faffing. I’ve wondered any joy? There are always bit and bobs, niggly ones and jiggly ones. I believe in “s”s over ‘z’s and signing off with an x. There is a difference between a biscuit and a cookie and so I am glad there are two words. Mash and veg mean I don’t have to speak as long. Ace. Courgette and aubergine make them sound more delicious to me. Quite. Rocket makes it seem more fun to eat. We should have all agreed it was jam all along so jelly could just be jelly. For no particular reason I am partial to booking over reserving for eating or the cinema and although it took me five years, I called the weather bloody the other day and a sarcastic brilliant might have snuck in there as well. Autumn is more lovely. Going on holiday too. Especially if we’re knackered. Chat is the best. Chatting up, chatting to, chat show on, a person with good chat. Driving is more fun with a boot and a bonnet involved. I could take or leave petrol. I would welcome an excuse to say tenner though. I love all the high streets to go down on the way, and passing charity shops that I don’t frown upon like some. On our way to the aeroplane. Seems more adventurous spelled that way. But I will be gutted to leave.



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8 responses to “top things i will miss #7

  1. Ben

    I think you equal my American father in law in your relish! His absolute favourite, however, is that when your rubbish bin is full, it is put out for the “dustmen” and emptied into the “dustcart”.

  2. Sonjey

    That was amazing. I love that you are now bilingual !

  3. Fellow yank Londoner here. I was waiting for “gutted” the whole way through. It’s just so very Braveheart.

  4. Elizabeth

    My favourite post of all time.

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