top things i will miss #6

I can almost guarantee that years from now (or three weeks from now when it’s gone), in my heart this will have jumped to #2. But for now I will miss sixth most of all:

#6 Jonah’s accent.

I never expected it, but it happened. I guess from spending time with Melissa and his little friends and watching cartoons and some of the electronic toys he has and I guess just being out in the world, Jonah has an accent. To our families and friends back in the US, it sounds very British. To British people it sounds, depending on who is listening and what Jonah happens to be going on about, English (but not posh), proper cockney, a mix, American. To me he sounds like Jonah. I can’t deny the way he says “water” though.

And no one can deny the “naughty” below.


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