5 signs today that it’s time to go interlude

  1. Bryan is still sick. He got the flu the day we landed here over 5 years ago. It’s full circle. Buh-bye.
  2. It was snowing on and off all day today. No accumulation and sometimes it would just last for a minute. But still. This is like the 18th time this winter. In London! It just feels like the Apocalypse is coming or something.
  3. Two businessmen sitting at the next table from Simon and me at Giraffe each ate an entire hamburger with a fork and knife. I’m just done.
  4. After an afternoon session at our favorite indoor soft play today, I took the boys for a snack at the cafe in the leisure centre. Gwyneth Paltrow was with her kids and some other kids at the table next to me the entire time we were there. But, I’ve already seen her. It’s time to head back to a place where I have only seen Jay-Z once.
  5. And this is the most divine sign of all: When I was in Boots this morning and I was buying a few things, I put in my Advantage card like I always do and the clerk actually exclaimed “You have enough points!” It’s been a loooong time since that has happened and it has to mean something. I have used up my Boots points. Our work here is done.


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7 responses to “5 signs today that it’s time to go interlude

  1. toshalot

    #3 made me pee a little in my pants
    and what is Boots?

  2. Rachel

    I LOVED the #3 hamburger one too!

  3. summer

    I can’t believe you didn’t somehow strike up a convo with Gwyneth. Two adjoining kid-filled tables and no one accidentally spilled a drink onto the other table with appropriate-chagrin-yet-knowing-mom-glances-how-old-are-yours-I-remember-when galore?

    • yael

      Oh I tried, trust me. I was heavily rolling my eyes at my kids and making big, dramatic gestures like “Kids! Who needs ’em!” (after she announced to no one in particular “I am at the end of my rope!” Instead of her paying me any mind though, the mum on the other side of me was shooting me dirty looks.

  4. Roddy

    I am going to miss your London-based blog. You are a great writer – really – I read alot of blogs and yours is one of the best ones out there. Are you going to change the name? I hope I will enjoy reading about your return to the US just as much.

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