top things i will miss #13

This one is big. It lends itself well to impassioned debates among the wannabe intelligentsia. It’s fodder for lazy jokes about other nationalities. It’s often newsworthy when a law changes or a CEO dictates new policy or when industrialized nations are compared line by line and you realize how miserably your own birthplace fares.

For me, well, I just like to live the good life. So I will take the

#13 employment culture

any day over the one I’m from. But then again, I am not starting a company. When I do, maybe I will feel differently. I am sure my dad has a lot to say about this.

But for now, let’s just examine the ways in which working in Britain feels civilised. That ‘s’ is for you, you clever employment culture, you.

  • minimum 5 weeks of holiday time a year, not counting 8 bank holidays – starts immediately, no need to accrue
  • maternity leave is available up to one year – technically, you can go back to work when your kid is a toddler
  • government-mandated maternity stipend paid by your employer for 39 weeks, not counting discretionary salary most companies also offer
  • maternity cover roles are often advertised and hired for in as serious and professional capacity as the original employee role
  • a tribunal process in place for hashing out workplace grievances
  • culturally, people just don’t seem as ashamed to talk about their holidays, days off, or to take appointments or call in sick

And everyone complains that the employment culture is oppressive compared to the French. That’s the best part of all.



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2 responses to “top things i will miss #13

  1. deix

    oh, we are so moving to the UK. 5 weeks of vacation? i can’t even imagine. i’m not kidding when i say that i’ve accrued 1.7 days of vacation in the 6 months that i’ve been back from maternity leave. this countdown should really be “25 reasons you should move to the UK.” such fabulous stuff, yael!

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