top things i will miss #12

God, I will miss this.


I will really miss this.

#12 lawful drinking in public

means that the UK has no open container laws. It means you can drink outside. Legally. You can drink outside, you guys. Like outside pubs, on the pavements, while walking places, at picnics and parties and glorious sunny days in the park, at al fresco lunches and outside concerts and sporting events and at fairs and outdoor markets and well, outside.

So you get what I’m saying, right? You get to drink outside. And no one will write you a ticket or arrest you.

It’s like the government thinks that once you’re of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages (ideally) responsibly, your drinking behavior will not change from indoors to outdoors. Although I don’t normally feel comfortable with laws which are not paternalistic and lacking all degree of logic and reason, I really rallied around this right.

I wonder what passive aggressive USA-hating Wkipedia has to say about all this:

Social customs and laws on drinking alcohol in public vary significantly around the world. In some countries, such as the United States and the Muslim world, public drinking is almost universally condemned or outlawed, while in other countries, such as New Zealand and Japan, public drinking and public intoxication are legal.

Oh so the US and Muslim world are together on this? This could be the bond of shared oppression we’ve been waiting for.

For the next five days, I am just going to be getting wasted outside.


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One response to “top things i will miss #12

  1. toshalot

    sounds kinda like living in the san francisco bay area and being able to smoke pot anywhere you want …

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