top things i will miss #14





I’ll miss

#14 fascinators.


And hats too, of course. But my heart has always belonged to fascinators/hatinators. I know some American girls wear them. But I need volume. I need supply. I need ubiquity.

Plus, just nothing is more British than the head topper thing.

Except maybe sausage rolls.

(Thank you,



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7 responses to “top things i will miss #14

  1. sonjey

    Awesome… love the circular photo!

  2. Jac

    Nice barnet. But Bryan’s jacket? He looks like he looted it from a bookmaker!

  3. Jac

    Yes, I was congratulating Yael on her Barnet – set-off beautifully by her Titfer, And yes, I think that *must* be why A&W went out of business!

  4. Keith Perriman

    …and the photograph looks like it was taken on the apples!

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