top things i will miss #18

You will never believe this when I say it. I can’t even believe I am going to type the words. But it’s true, it’s true. IT’S TRUE! I will miss

#18 the weather.

No one was as surprised as me that I realized pretty quickly on that the English weather suited me. Not the rain (although I don’t feel like it rains very much at all) and not the stretches of gray (that part is true) and certainly not the infamous 2012 where there was no summer at all except for three days during the Olympics. But the rest of it, well, it’s good for me.

I like the narrower spectrum of possible temperatures. It’s kind of easier to have a year-long wardrobe. And my pale skin should probably be shielded from the public anyway.  And it’s nice to never really need air conditioning. And I don’t know, it’s like the weather doesn’t hog all the attention and everyone knows what to expect and carries on and does their thing.

And holy sh*t have I loved no mosquitoes. That should be the slogan of the newest ad campaign by the UK Tourism Board:

“If you come here, you probably won’t get bitten by a mosquito.”

Words straight to my temperate-climate-controlled heart. Along with terms like mac, wellies, brolly…

(P.S. This one is a half-truth. Come July you will see me all over Brooklyn in booty shorts and a bikini top. Like the rest of the dirtbags.)



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4 responses to “top things i will miss #18

  1. sonjey

    Look forward to snow all over March!

  2. deix

    wait, i feel like you need to move to seattle. no mosquitoes = worth it. and it’s always sunny for at least one weekend in late august. i forget which one, but there definitely is this one weekend when seattleites plan all kinds of outdoor things. we can’t wait for you guys to be back in the U.S.A.! xo!!

  3. Jenny

    Move to Seattle! 😉

  4. yael

    Bryan wants to move to Seattle. For no mosquitos, I would strongly consider it.

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