top things i will miss #17

I have written about it so extensively, there is little left to say. No one, no one, NO ONE on this planet has a more

#17 unapologetic love of christmas

like – or does it better than – the British.

What I can’t figure out is why London is not more of a tourist destination in December. I mean it’s a juggernaut of a tourist destination year-round and so December certainly has its share of foreign visitors, but London should be considered a special Christmas locale.

In the UK Christmas is universal. All religions partake. Everyone is euphoric. The streets look other-worldly with their light displays. Pret gives out free treats.

There are so many things happening for Christmas in London, one month is not long enough to experience them all. Which is why it’s a good thing Christmas starts in October here.

url url url-7 London Eye and Christmas Lights url-5 url-4 Christmas Cackers url-181264705

(Look how happy they look.)


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