top things i will miss #16

This was almost #1. I did a re-shuffle and it moved down some spots, but it could be #1. Depending on my mood that day.


#16 chip and pin credit cards

is/are the best idea ever. An idea so good, it must have crossed the pond, right?

Let’s see if Wikipedia can help:

Until the introduction of Chip and PIN, all face-to-face credit or debit card transactions used a magnetic stripe or mechanical imprint to read and record account data, and a signature for verification … This system has proved reasonably effective, but has a number of security flaws, including the ability to steal a card in the post, or to learn to forge the signature on the card. To solve this, banks and retailers are replacing traditional magnetic stripe equipment with smartcard technology, where credit and debit cards contain an embedded microchip and are authenticated automatically using a personal identification number (PIN).

(I like how the only conceivable theft scenario is described as “in the post”, because no one would steal your card from anywhere else but the mail.)

France has cut card fraud by more than 80% since its introduction in 1992.

(France was an early adopter of the technology.)

The US obviously would want to drastically cut opportunities for credit card fraud.

Wait, what?

Traditional payment cards have evolved in much of the world and now rely on the EMV global standard using chip technology. However, this evolution of payment cards has yet to occur in the United States payment card industry, which continues to rely on magnetic stripe technology.

So what you’re saying is I have to start signing my name again?


I’m cheating and adding the related

# 16 1/2 wireless portable credit card machines

Let’s always keep my credit card within 2 inches of my person and within my line of vision, including in restaurants, ok? Oh thanks UK!

# 16 3/4 no-fee cash points

How about almost all ATMs are free to use? You did it again UK! You’re so dreamy.



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3 responses to “top things i will miss #16

  1. We have 2 Chase cards in the US, the Hyatt and BA, and both have chip, but not pin. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the beginning of the move to chip and pin but not holding my breath.

  2. Carrie in CT

    But haven’t you said that the ATMs are always out of cash?!

    Welcome back to NYC, where the ATMs would never keep you from any opportunity to spend your money.

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