top things i will miss #15

This one is a tie. They are each equally beloved in my heart.

#15a no guns on the streets and no religion in politics

tied with

#15b ISO paper sizes.

Only the paper sizes are worth discussing. And so worthwhile, it’s my second time. But let’s re-visit.

Do you ever think Wikipedia is trying to very subtly communicate that Americans are a bunch of a-hole cowboys?

Many paper size standards conventions have existed at different times and in different countries. Today there is one widespread international ISO standard (including A4, B3, C4, etc.) and a local standard used in North America (including letter, legal, ledger, etc.).

Oh the USA and its silly “local” standards for paper size, time, temperature, measurement!

My two favorite things about international paper size standards are the easier names (“A4” vs “8 1/2 by 11”) and how each one is just a half of the one above it. It’s so simple it’s worthy of being accepted in all nations. But one.




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4 responses to “top things i will miss #15

  1. sonjey

    Love the countdown Yael…. it keeps getting better and better!

  2. toshalot

    great one!!! working in IP whenever i’d be filing patent applications domestically and then also internationally, i had to make a separate set of copies for one, the u.s. patent office 😦 major fail.

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