top things i will miss #21

This list of mine is being constantly re-worked. The other day in the comments on this blog, a reader reminded me how very much I heart

#21 fancy dress!

I have said so much on the subject so just suffice to say for now that I really will miss the very normal and welcomed and more common occurrence in the UK of turning a party or celebration into something far better with the easy introduction of a fancy dress (costume) theme. Bryan’s annual office parties always have a theme, and when I was working my law firm always had them as well. Birthdays, stag and hen dos, Christmas, parties for no reason- fancy dress gets the party stared. It’s pretty much why Primark still does such good business.

Being an adult is long (if one is lucky), sometimes arduous, often mundane work. If you can dress like a song title once in a while, it’s good for the spirit.



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2 responses to “top things i will miss #21

  1. poren

    I say you bring this trend to Brooklyn!! I fact, I think Brooklyn people should be making a list for you of the amazing things you have to look forward to as you open this next door. I am going to start with the newly reopened Red Hook Fairway. I just bought a lifetime supply of carrots and hummus and you can soon too!!!

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