top things i will miss #20

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

When asked by a British person whether I am sorry to be leaving, or what I will miss, or whether or not I am super excited to move “home”, I often mention

#20 the cleanliness

of London. And probably the whole of the UK.

And then invariably that person seems really surprised. And maybe he or she will say something ridiculous like “but London is filthy! You know what’s clean? Singapore!” And I’m all, Oh Singapore, a pretend country made up entirely of wealthy expats where the help is shipped in and where you get life in jail for littering?

Try living in New York! Our babies eat litter for breakfast (chicken bones are higher in iron), you have to wrestle a homeless person for a seat on the subway, and dogs poop directly into your mouth if you happen to yawn on the wrong corner.

(But I don’t mean to throw NY under the proverbial filthy public bus. Paris is a dump too. F*ck you, Paris. (That was cathartic.))


Thank you. Seriously.


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  1. I just had this conversation with a Brit, and said the same thing, that NY is dirtier than London, and as he has never been to NY he was surprised. I am glad I am not alone in thinking this.

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