top things i will miss #23

I am not even sure how to say this in the way I want it to come across, so I’ll just say it:

#23 chain restaurants

America has chains too. But for some reason the UK has chains that hit a different demographic altogether. There are a number of ubiquitous restaurants in London and the UK where you know you’re going to get a good meal. Not Michelin-starred. But good, fresh ingredients prepared there and then, clean ambiance, often kid-friendly, often communal seating, good and quick service, and nice buzzy atmosphere. They are not just great fallback options, they are very often a first choice. Everyone knows the menus and everyone knows what they want.

I will miss most of all:


imgres-2 imgres-1

(And Busaba Eathai and Pho if I am just allowed to name London chains)

Sad emoticon.


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