You know you are really, finally, truly, officially leaving a country when you take all your loose change to get converted into paper money. Finally. After five years. And it wasn’t my loose change- women don’t really do that, right? It was Bryan’s.

photo (2)

But since I am an unemployed, kept woman, I took the extremely heavy bag to the bank myself and while I was carrying it on the tube I tried to keep a relaxed pose so no one would think I had a bomb. Yeah, I had to take the tube. Only one bank chain in London has those fun, silly change-converting machines where there is a cartoon championing your change-converting efforts. And guess where it originates from? The land that invents fun.

You get to guess how much you think your change amounts to. You get a prize if you’re within a pound. I guessed  £37. I was way off. We going to Scotch Steak House, baby!


P.S. Can anyone tell me how to quickly type a pound sterling symbol from my American laptop keyboard? For five years I have been copying and pasting one.



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10 responses to “£115.14

    • yael

      So it turns out it’s even easier on a Mac! Hit Option+3. £££££££.

      My life is changed, with just days to spare.

      • Theresa

        That did cross my mind, but knowledge is always a good thing. You never know when you might need that!

        Personally, I caved and bought a new laptop after living here six years.

  1. p

    For years I held down Alt and pressed 0163. I bet your glad to know that now that you’re moving.

  2. toshalot

    good lord! seriously!? that’s a lot of moolah! enjoy the steak 🙂

  3. Jac

    Where is this bank? Is there commission? Those machines are common in supermarkets (sorry “grocery stores”) but thy usually take the best part of 20 per cent!

  4. Jac

    Duh, I now see the address of the bank is on the receipt – an American company needless to say!

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