top things i will miss #25

With immediate effect I am going to switch my half-assed Favourite Things series of posts into a countdown of:

Top 25 Things I will Miss in London (or Great Britain or Europe for that matter)

They are pretty interchangeable anyway and ends of times call for countdowns. I am sure I could write a list of 1,000 things, and there are also plenty of things I will NOT miss, but it’s a good exercise for me to distill the life we love here into 25 top things. The only prerequisite is that they can’t be things that can be replicated easily in the US (so electric tea kettles, baked beans, great restaurants, great museums, great music, great culture, and Downton Abbey are excluded).

Here we go.

#25 the tipping culture

I remember after moving here how much it annoyed us that there wasn’t a service economy built solely around a rabid desire to extract as high a tip from the customer as possible. For us it was the reason service wasn’t great, and really the reason waiters didn’t try to become your best friends.

Over time I have made a pretty solid 180 degree turn in my thinking. It is incredibly pleasant to know people are just doing their jobs nicely and well because that’s their job and they get paid a normal salary for it (ideally a fair salary). Cab drivers are always elated and surprised when you tip a tiny bit more than nothing. Restaurant servers leave you alone to converse with the people you actually want to converse with. The cleaning lady, the hairdresser, the man who delivers things to your door – they are sometimes so surprised at a tip, it almost seems offensive to give one. I have less agita when I get my nails done or my eyebrows (I do love me some threading) and I don’t have to sweat in some corner trying to determine the right mathematical equation of my appreciation of the service multiplied by the latest fad percentage of tip divided by Pi, carry the 1. Most of all, I like paying the amount that is listed for something. With tax already included in the listed price, and often a service charge included or none expected at all, it will never stop being a novelty to pay the numbers that you see written. Exactly.

British people complain about service here. Europeans complain about service here. Americans complain about service here, especially when it takes 10 minutes to get a tiny glass of room-temperature tap water at a meal. But I will take it. I know where I am headed: New York. The center of the universe for unconscionable over-tipping. After your mean, smelly, dangerous, loud, and unintelligible cab driver gets you to your intended destination, he’ll berate you for not tipping over a 20% addition. Can’t wait.



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7 responses to “top things i will miss #25

  1. poren

    I woke up to a report on horse meat in the ikea meatballs and immediately thought of you. I was so sure this favourite thing blog post would detail your torment. To miss or not to miss the yummy horsey??

    • yael

      Oh horsemeat will come in time. The shocking news is that we haven’t had IKEA meatballs in our freezer in so long! I was pretty grumpy no one would give me a ride to the store in ages, but now I see it is divine intervention. There is a God. Maybe not to prevent flood, famine, death, and destruction. But definitely to prevent me eating tainted Swedish meatballs.

  2. Ron Utt

    Hi Yael. The countdown is a great blog idea. Can’t wait to read them all. Big Dad

  3. Roddy

    With you in sympathy. We left nearly 2 years ago, after a wonderful and life-changing 5 years. Still miss it terribly. On my list: the “green belt” (your eyes will be assaulted by American sprawl and strip malls), fancy dress parties, the 2 bottles of wine per person dinner party (my first dinner party back in the States I bought about 10x too much wine), and the decency of the British middle class.

  4. sonjey

    Wow….. I hate tipping.. I never feel comfortable…. it’s never right, I always feel it’s too much or too little. It’s unfortunate we must deal! Should be an easy transition…. Iphones help!

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