it’s the one month countdown

(You have to sing that as dramatically as Europe did in its 1986 hit by a similar name.)

Actually we’re not really counting down at all. There’s probably a lot we should be doing but it’s too exhausting so instead I’m just focusing on this week being Half Term in the UK. Half term is roughly translated as “no school, no playgroups, no classes, good luck not going mental.” So we’ll see how that goes.

Spirits are high though because the sky has looked like this a fair amount lately:


It’s probably why Bryan and I spontaneously decided to actually go out on Valentine’s Day. (Who does that?) We saw the least/most romantic movie possible: This is 40. It opened on the 14th in London and the ads plastered on the sides of hundreds of red double-decker buses had me at iPad On the Toilet. It’s like if Bryan had no facial hair and I had a slamming body like Leslie Mann and ever did something as ridiculous as wear make-up and lingerie to bed, this ad would totally depict my life.


It was also a very funny movie IMHO.

IMG_3925Then the next day Jonah decided he loved being a cowboy so we picked up a Woody outfit at Disney World (Store, but what’s the difference to a little kid) just in time for his BFF Nina’s 4th birthday. Nina’s mum hired a professional Belle to lead all the kids’ activities and wow, was that a fantastic decision. I just drank beer and did very little. I love the fancy dress thing for kids’ parties here. Just the week before Jonah got to be a knight at another 4th birthday. Multiple Halloweens is never a bad idea.

IMG_3881 IMG_4000 IMG_3954 IMG_3872

We spent Saturday at Kensington Gardens because I realized we should have one more Hyde Park visit.

IMG_4050 IMG_4068 IMG_4095 IMG_4101  IMG_4100 IMG_4106

Saturday night we were with friends at The Shed in Notting Hill. All the servers were wearing versions of these:


and I was stressed about what to call them.

Flannels in the UK = wash cloths
Plaid is wrong because the patterns are really tartan. (From Wikipedia: “Flannel shirt” is often mistakenly used to refer to any shirt with a plaid or tartan pattern, rather than a shirt constructed of flannel fabric.)

Anna told me she just calls them lumberjack shirts.

So I Googled it and lo and behold. I learned something new.



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2 responses to “it’s the one month countdown

  1. As you prepare to leave London, I just want to tell you that I have really enjoyed your blog. I’ve followed it since the beginning (sometimes more closely than other times, I’m fickle like that), but it has always been entertaining, enjoyable, informative, and fun. It’s a wonderful memory-holder of your stay in London (you don’t strike me as a scrap-booking kind of a gal, and blogging is SO much better), and will be great for Jonah and Simon to read, since they aren’t old enough to be making memories of their own.
    What a fabulous resource for them.

    I’ve loved your descriptions of England and the weirdness that is English life. I’ve been moved by your monthly letters to your sons. Thanks, and I hope you’ll continue blogging on your return to the US.

    • yael

      Very nice comments make me shy, thus my delay in responding.

      You are right I am not the scrapbooking type, and even more right that I will treasure this record of our time here.

      Blogging made me happy for many reasons, and one of them was making some cyber friends along the way. I am not sure I will keep blogging, but it gives me a smile to know you and I will have traded places essentially- both no longer strangers in a strange land. It has been equally interesting for me to see what it’s like for non-Americans to live in the US. I think all Yankees could benefit from that POV!

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