oh, wait, there were celebrities in town

It turns out the BAFTAs were last night. Oops. How there was a film awards show and a bunch of Hollywood people in town near me and I didn’t know about it in advance is humiliating. I am not on my game.

The weather has been so horrendous yesterday and today I can just imagine all the LA-based Hollywood starlets (most whom it appears flew in only for 24 hours) giving the big middle finder to London and being all like “why do you have to be so in character all. the. tiiiiiime, Great Britain?” Oh the whingeing.

This, from The Telegraph:

Baftas fashion: Deep freeze hits Baftas red carpet

The great British weather did its best to ruin the Baftas red carpet fashion, but a few sunny spells prevailed.

The Hollywood stars brave enough to migrate to London from the Californian sunshine for last night’s Bafta Awards had no need for the kind of strict no-nudity dress code imposed upon attendees of the Grammys. As the drizzle over Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House turned to snow, it was more a question of how many clothes the red carpet starlets could get away with wearing, than how few.

Bryan saw Amy Adams leaving the Covent Garden Hotel this morning and Faye saw her approximately one hour later in WH Smith in Heathrow. Now if I can just get one of you stateside to meet her at LAX it will be an accidental stalker trifecta.

article-0-17739852000005DC-495_306x761 article-2276678-177E1CAB000005DC-926_306x740

Update 2pm: Bryan had a Sarah Jessica Parker sighting. His company would have their annual off-site at the Bafta hotel the day after the Baftas.




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3 responses to “oh, wait, there were celebrities in town

  1. Ahhhhh! I love a good celeb spot. Well jel!

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