big gay english country leaving do

Did I mention we’re leaving London? Like, for good? Mid-March. Back to Brooklyn. It’s bittersweet. It’s terrible. It’s exciting. It’s terrible. It’s okay. It’s

a lot of things.

But enough about that. In hono(u)r of the Long Goodbye, we had a leaving do (going-away) weekend in the Cotswolds with some of our most favo(u)rite London friends. 22 adults + 9 kids. Specifically:

11 Americans
6 Brits
2 Italians
2 Aussies
1 Gibraltarian
9 children of varying passport nationalities.

We stayed in a gorgeous 12-bedroom manor house on ten acres in Wotton-under-Edge with a breathtaking view over the Cotswolds. Although we lodged like Winston Churchill apparently once did, my guess is he didn’t play as exciting drinking games. We scored sunny, clear skies and we were so hono(u)red some of our dearest London friends would make the trip and all that’s entailed – and so many of them cooked and baked incredible food. On Saturday night at dinner they gave Bryan and I a book of photos and made speeches/toasts that made us both cry. And so the crying begins.

Flip Cup is even more epic with an international crew. We won the first round. Bryan’s team cheated though and ultimately “won”, but look how happy he is! He’s like the pre-Oprah Lance Armstrong of Flip Cup.

IMG_3390 IMG_3397 IMG_3409 IMG_3410

Views from the house

IMG_3490 IMG_2657

The kids were all totally well-behaved. And lots of people did the child-entertaining, even of my kids, so I didn’t have to.

IMG_3432 IMG_3463

IMG_3381 IMG_3448 IMG_3459 IMG_3469 IMG_3493

Pub lunch


“Special” fancy dress dinner night


IMG_3600 IMG_3586 IMG_3513 IMG_3561 IMG_3557 IMG_3622 IMG_3550  IMG_3510 IMG_3507 IMG_3570 - Version 3 IMG_3582 IMG_3626


There were champagne shots, beer pong, singalongs, pianoalongs, pub quiz, mustaches, vomiting… so many things. But the most important were the tattoo sleeves.

IMG_3645 IMG_3652

It was exactly what we hoped for.




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12 responses to “big gay english country leaving do

  1. Leaving London is definitely bittersweet 😦 Good luck with everything, hope you are going somewhere exciting! And that house looks awesome!

  2. Kyla

    I’ve been faithfully reading this blog for over two years, after googling “move to London” (it didn’t happen – I’m in grad school in INDIANA) and stumbling upon it. I’ll be in London for Spring Break in mid-March, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for a Yael + brood sighting. Please don’t leave too early.

    • yael

      Hi Kyla! Thank you for reading, and now appearing : ) We may just be passing each other at Heathrow. I will be the one crying I guess. Have a wonderful spring break here (definitely go to Borough Market) and in the meantime, enjoy grad school in Indiana. I know both my parents did!

  3. Sonjey

    Can’t wait to hear more about your memorable weekend. It’s a testimony to who you are to have so many wonderful loving friends. I must admit, I’ll miss my quality visit time in a great city.

  4. toshalot

    wow, looks like a wonderful way to say “goodbye”. curious about the brooklyn plans. can’t wait to hear more details 😉

  5. Faye

    Best. Weekend. Ever.

  6. Tara

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures in London. I wish you luck on your move back to the States. I hope you’ll keep your blog going 🙂

  7. sonjey

    After closely looking at the pics from your weekend, I just can’t get over how amazing it must have been. Lucky couples!

  8. yael

    Thanks friends and family! It was a wonderful weekend and made the long goodbye a happy thing.

  9. You guys are obviously well-loved. I’m glad you had such a loving and fun farewell from your London family. And the arm sleeves are a good look…

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