HRH the prince of wales

Fact: A lot of British people do not know what the terms Babymama or Babydaddy mean.

It’s just so hard living here sometimes.

I was at brunch with a few American girls last weekend and we were talking about celebrity sightings. And I was complaining that because we don’t know a lot of British celebrities, especially at the lower rungs of “celebrity”, we don’t have the volume we would maybe elsewhere.

And then, just three days later, Bryan came inches from Price Charles. Bryan happened to be by the Farringdon tube stop in late morning Wednesday when he saw the Prince, the Duchess of Cornwall, and a gaggle of media. Our amazing 18th century iPhones have a camera delay so although Bryan was facing the Prince directly, the hamsters inside his phone could only catch the back of Charles’ head (on the left).


See it? See?

It turns out, they were by Farringdon to ride the Metropolitan tube line one stop to Kings Cross to commemorate 150 years of The Underground. It’s fun that that was the original line and those some of the original stations, as we both have spent years taking those trains that direction almost daily. Both of us work(ed) right by Farringdon. Charles managed to ride the tube for three minutes, for the first time in 33 years. He’s no Jay-Z but he managed to only look half-terrified he was contracting bed bugs from the seat. Tally ho!




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6 responses to “HRH the prince of wales

  1. Yes, I saw this on the news, it really made me laugh. Can just about make out the back of the head. Wish I had someone to carry my brolly!

  2. When we were living in London my husband would point out celebrities to me all the time but since I didn’t know them I didn’t really care. Prince Charles would be a big one though!

  3. sonjey

    How lucky can one get! I would have preferred William or Harry!

  4. Amazing celeb spot! Damn iphone.

  5. toshalot

    i would’ve asked had he ever even ridden the tube before so i’m glad you included that info in the blog post.

  6. yael

    Thanks, all. He’s my least favourite Royal but it beats a sighting of an ex-Corrie actor. especially since I have no idea who any of them are!

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