I just heard Bryan reading this story to Jonah and I immediately grabbed the video camera (not HD, chill) and went in there and told him to start over. Make sure you catch the last millisecond. Don’t go falling in love with my husband, ok?


I really love Hanukkah. It’s a great holiday. Low maintenance. Symbolic. Spread over 8 days. Plus there are potato latkes. I made some the other day and then, not exaggerating, ate 15 -35 of them myself. Ballpark figure.

I went into Jonah’s nursery school on Wednesday to give a little presentation on the holiday. It was fun. The 2 year-olds were more restrained in their bum rushing. I am sensing a ninth career for myself. Is there a preschool teaching job which would allow one to pay back $200K in law school debt? No? Oh. I’ll just stick with unemployment then.



Happy Hanukkah, y’all.



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10 responses to “hanukkah!

  1. Rachel

    Bryan’s storytelling was so entertaining and I especially loved Jonah’s giggling.

  2. deix

    um, every jewish mother just fell in love with bryan. wait until jonah finds out that everyone in ny talks like that! just kidding, almost everyone.

  3. sonjey

    It’s Eugene! from Brighten Beach! Remember…. Oh my, that was precious. I especially loved Jonah’s big boy reaction. His dad truly is hysterical….

  4. toshalot

    i do love jonah’s giggle in this video. and wait, doesn’t bry talk like that all the time?

  5. yael

    Thanks for the love, guys. The sheer range of Bryan’s old people NY Jewish voices is a sight to behold. One of them sounded like Eddie Murphy’s Jewish barber in Coming to America, no?

  6. Marlene

    This is so full of awesome! I love that you went to Jonah’s class to teach them about Hanukkah. I loved it when your mom came to our class and did the same thing. And now I really really want some latkes!

  7. summer

    While every member of my family was totally into and loved this video – it was Sean who loved it the very most. I think he’s jealous of Bry’s range. Sean can only do a slightly offensive Mexican accent.

  8. Oh vey, dat is mor special den a bick plate a gevultamishla. Xxoo

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