proudest daughter ever for all time forevermore

My dad’s (the one and only Ronald Utt) book – Ships of Oak, Guns of Iron: The War of 1812 and the Forging of the American Navy – was officially released this week! I have been jumping out of my skin with happiness for him. I know how hard he worked on this book, and all the research and editing and long hours involved. My copy should be arriving to me any minute and I will start on it without haste. It looks pretty light and easy, right?


Only for my dad will I read historical nonfiction and something not yet on my Kindle.

If you still need that perfect holiday gift for a history lover, a never-ending student of the world, or someone who desperately needs a sturdy doorstop (Dad, sales are sales), buy your copy today at all the huge chains where books are sold. Summer even saw this display at Costco!


In such rarefied company. And Summer went that extra mile and propped it up. LYLAS!

I can even put in a good word with the author to get your copy signed. I sort of know the guy.

Also, I am the proudest ever daughter of my mom who does 50 billion praise-worthy things a millisecond. The most recent one being that she was Freshly Pressed on WordPress and also that she had my father inscribe her copy of his book to “his favorite ex-wife.” Divorce humor… HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s so funny it hurts.



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20 responses to “proudest daughter ever for all time forevermore

  1. Jac

    Does he read Patrick O’Brian?

  2. Sonya

    Perfect! Was desperately trying to find something for my F-I-L (who is also a boat nut). Done! Congrats!

  3. toshalot

    i feel as giddy at seeing ron’s book at costco as i did when i was away at college and would turn on the television and see him on cspan.

  4. Tell Dad to have Amazon list Invisible No More: The Secret Lives of Women Over 50 under their “People who read this book ordered…” section.

  5. Sonjey

    Congrats to your entire family. Great writers that you all are!

  6. Congratulations to both your parents…I am not familiar with your dad, but love your mother’s blog. I hope to meet her someday.

  7. Your mom has one of the best blogs ever…been following her for some time now. It sounds like great writing runs in your family! Best of luck with your own blog.

  8. A Richmond Girl

    Just ordered a copy off Amazon for Ethan’s dad for Christmas, he loves books on history! He’s really not that great with computers, but I’ll try my hardest to help him with submitting a review on Amazon! 😉

  9. Davida

    Hi Yael, Congrats to your Dad! This book is right up Ron’s alley and so I bought it for him. Came today. How exciting. Hope you, Bryan, Jonah, Simon are doing well and have a great holiday. xo Davida

  10. nmartinez1938

    This must be one of the most uplifting and joyful praise of dad I can recall. If the book is distributed in the Philippines, or available by request, I will certainly entertain reading in, spurred by your commentary. Thanks!

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