kate middleton is around the corner from me


Behind one of these windows…

This is all I currently care about, so we might as well discuss. And by discuss, I mean I will just have a (loud) conversation with myself.


I am pretty excited about it. And I heartily disagree with articles insinuating I’m not.

Kate Middleton’s Baby: As the World Fusses, a London Neighborhood Shrugs

I beg your pardon.

Yesterday when news of #royalbaby was first announced, nothing registered for me about the name of the hospital where the poor Duchess had been rushed. I had never heard of it and that was that.


This morning I was walking with Simon through the neighborhood and became confused when I saw hoards of media, paparazzi and news trucks on Beaumont Street. So I asked a nice gentleman what was a-happenin’ and he said, matter-of-factly, “Well, Kate Middleton is in that hospital” and pointed to a building I have passed many times.

IMG_2495 IMG_2494

That’s the funny thing about Marylebone. It’s the poshest post code for medicine in the entire Commonwealth, but that also makes the streets sometimes seem dull during a normal work day- to the point where as a resident, I take it for granted. No doubt there are famous people behind every Georgian townhouse facade getting face lifts and fertility treatments and chemo. Things happen discretely though, and after a while it’s easy to forget the sheer volume of patients and specialists mingling in this little village in central London. It all sort of looks residential-ish. Which is why you wouldn’t even know there was a hospital on Beaumont Street. That apparently the Royals prefer.

My day’s errands took me by the street a couple of times (ok maybe I went one block out of my way and forced my kids to stand around in the freezing cold) and it was fascinating to see the paparazzi and other media. What a profession to stand around for days on end, in the freezing cold, doing nothing, smoking cigarettes and single-handedly keeping the 4 tread step-ladder industry afloat.


I’ll be back stalking tomorrow.

In the meantime, what does it say about me as a person that the very first thing I did when hearing the #royalbaby news was to check Suri’s Burn Book for her reaction. She did not disappoint.



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3 responses to “kate middleton is around the corner from me

  1. Sonjey

    Omg! This is so exciting , yael. Reports are that she is feeling better. Act soon. So will you be pitching a tent? Just think how close you are to the heir(s) of the throne. With Paul McCartney getting married, Camilla ‘s dentist and sightings of Madonna ,Leo and Gweneth, I just can’t stand it!

  2. I would be excited too! I love Marylebone, but it can be a little “sterile” during the week…

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