I am pretty sure stuffed is British slang for effed, so congrats to me for today’s HILARIOUS double entendre.

Here is the email from my mom which started my day yesterday:

Subject: Powerball results

You almost won except you didn’t have any of the numbers.

Now let’s go back to Thanksgiving. Remember it?

It was great. I hope yours was too. It’s a pretty popular holiday, if airports and Facebook status updates are to be trusted. And every year I live in another country, my appreciation for it scales new heights. We enjoyed our meal with Bryan’s dad, who had been visiting for the past week. I did all the mediocre cooking, which I must say I enjoyed. In my extended family, there is no way I will ever get to cook for Thanksgiving again so I savored the small and easy audience. Bryan and his father are not picky, and will also gladly eat turkey for days on end, in every incarnation. Also, my father-in-law is an excellent carver. I told Bryan to pay attention since his own carving needs some practice. Usually it looks like a dingo has attacked the turkey before it makes it to the table.

As one of the only Americans and Jewish kids at nursery school, Jonah gets the privilege of having me come in every now and then to teach a little bit about our different cultural traditions. I am not sure I will ever get used to an audience of 2-4 year-olds (they bum rush a lot) but it’s fun and funny anyway. I never take pictures inside but here we are modeling some of the Thanksgiving hats we made for the kids to wear when they acted out a scene between Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians:

Guess who designed the templates? Martha Stewart. She’s cray.

The Jets blew it big time. WEIN.

We did a million things during Poppy’s visit, like going to the zoo, the park, the jungle gym, Winter Wonderland, shopping and the Natural History Museum. And the kids totally are in love with him. Jonah is in a scared-to-sleep-in-his-room-alone phase so they had lots of sleepovers.


And all this time I have been negligent in giving our newest nephew his blog debut! Bryan’s sister, Lindsay, had Luke in like a 1 hour labor and then the next day was back in her normal jeans. Luke is also redonkulously cute, and I have heard a very easy baby. I love Luke big-time and can’t wait to give him big hugs. Luke, you give me a good reason to log in to Facebook. The shareholders thank you.


And 900 other people have told us lately they’re preggers. 2013 is going to involve a lot of joy.

Here is someone I love who was always joyful:

My stepmom’s mother, Mary Jo, passed away last week- leaving behind 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. She died in the same room where she was born, and in the house she grew up in and raised her family in Washington, DC. It sounded transcendentally beautiful to me, and I hope she is having a good ‘ol time right about now. I know how much she will be missed.



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2 responses to “stuffed

  1. toshalot

    These pictures are fabulous. And I think that is so so cool that you get to go in to Jonah’s class to give culture lessons. I love it!
    In regards to being *stuffed* or *f’ed*- a few years back one of the guys on my staff asked me how to say, “we’re f’ed!” in spanish. for the rest of the summer my staff had the silly little inside joke of exclaiming, “estamos jodidos!” whenever anything went slightly wrong. just sharing.
    Many congrats to Lindsay on the birth of another beautiful little boy.
    And my condolences to Michelle on the passing of her mother …
    and i still miss you guys a lot. so glad you keep us this blog 😉

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