“you’re the best nene i ever saw”

Said by Jonah the other day. And then today: “You’re a good NeNe.” At least twice. Even Simon’s all over her. And that is so unlike him.

Things we’ve been doing with the beloved NeNe include bowling during half-term, Boo at the Zoo, Camden Market, car show on Regent Street, jungle gym, walking, cooking, eating, reading stories, reading stories and reading stories. And building forts.


Also, my US presidential election ballot arrived today. Even though I already sent a ballot back. ?

Luckily, New York is not hanging in the balance of my vote.

Also, it’s Guy Fawkes Night. There have been fireworks.



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3 responses to ““you’re the best nene i ever saw”

  1. toshalot

    so, wait? renee is still short enough to play in the balls? what?! as far back as my memory goes, i was always too tall to ever play in there 😦

  2. Sonjey

    She is the best nene ever! Have the best time together.

  3. Note to Tosha: They almost didn’t let me play in the balls because I was too short.

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