happy halloween! (unless you’re in nj or ny)

Next year I am dressing up as Gov. Christie. It meets my “not sexy” requirement plus he’s awesome.

So, Halloween for the kids was great. Even though my mom and I passed a hundred kids out and about today not dressed up. Of course not. Because Halloween just started here like five years ago. I kept wanting to scoop up each kid and scream: I WILL RESCUE YOU. THERE MUST BE A CAT COSTUME SOMEWHERE WE CAN FIND. CANDY IS INVOLVED. WHY DON’T YOU CELEBRATE THIS? It just feels like child abuse by their parents. Not this mom. I obviously love my kids more.


Luckily, Jonah’s preschool celebrated and then Melissa hosted her kids in the afternoon at a party. Otherwise we would have walked the streets aimlessly.

Happy Hallowe’en. Apostrophe and all. If you don’t have power yet, hopefully you will be dining by a thousand jack o’ lanterns tonight.


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