hey, sexy lady


Although it has been predicted to be the #1 played out Halloween costume in the US, if you dress from a certain viral Korean pop video, in let’s say for example the UK, at a party with an international guest list, people will ask you if you’re dressed as a tourist, a Mexican (?) or just avoid the topic altogether. And people thought Bryan was James Bond. But I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Even though my more perfect lime green shirt didn’t come in time. And holy crap, this guy nailed it. Super jel.

The only other people I remembered to photograph at the party:

Trish and Matt, the hosts of the epic Halloween party involving a smoke machine, vodka-infused gummy worms* and a fight in the street

the candidates were doing something unseemly

I’m not usually a huge fan of sexy Halloween costumes but Sexy Ghostbuster makes me laugh every time

a well-executed Bun in the Oven (inspired by this)

And the winners, killing it as Hunger Games

You can tell I only took pics of the Americans since no one was doused in fake blood.

(*Idea of vodka-infused gummy worms came from a discovery by Faye, and also she dressed as a Sexy Solo cup. Boom and Boom.)



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3 responses to “hey, sexy lady

  1. toshalot

    bravo, yael & bryan, bravo! i especially love jonah holding open the gate as though nothing strange was happening that day in your household. cuties.

  2. Sonjey

    Great fun! You have such interesting costume ideas. Just loved it. Halloween around here is already decorated!

  3. Obviously I’m completely out of the pop culture loop…what is your and Bryan’s costume?!?!?!?!? And Jonah’s stance/demeanor is priceless…like he’s thinking, “Why didn’t anyone tell me my parents are such kooks?”. 🙂

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