hurricane free

So far there are no once-in-a-lifetime epic storms headed imminently for the British Isles. While half of the second most powerful nation on Earth braces for land impact, I am feeling restless. Should I buy candles? Stock up on wine? Duct tape something? It’s gotten pretty cold here and it’s raining and I heard the grocery store was a mob scene yesterday, so I honestly keep almost feeling like Frankenstorm is coming. Wishful thinking.

Jonah went to his first ever movie in the theatre. Bryan took him to Hotel Transylvania. Or Ho-transyvanamovie, as Jonah calls it. We had been psyching up the experience for months (and gave up tying it to potty training), and also emphasizing the popcorn and candy aspects. Unsurprisingly, those elements were his favorite.

Also, for years my (now former) boss and I had been talking about us going for Sunday lunch at her home outside of London in Buckinghamshire. I knew her house would be beautiful and her cooking amazing, and I was right on both counts. The kids had fun with hers and I finally got to see what all this sunken trampoline business is about. We left Simon on it for a pretty long time, because it turns out from this far away you can’t tell if a little kid is having fun or sobbing uncontrollably.

Now my mom is here visiting.

Although Halloween here is nothing like the US in terms of being geared towards kids, we always find a few things to do. This weekend we headed to Willows Farm with Faye and Isaac for pumpkin choosing (I know you’re supposed to say “picking” but let’s stop kidding ourselves), which we usually love, and managed to at least photograph the sum total of 10 minutes of fun in a day of getting lost, Simon puking in the car, tired and complaining kids and wind and cold. Kids! They never know how much fun you’re trying to force them to have.




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2 responses to “hurricane free

  1. toshalot

    oh my goodness! jonah is such a big little boy now! tell him to stop growing up! hi, nene 🙂

  2. kingreenation

    “Kids! They never know how much fun you’re trying to force them to have.” – so perfectly stated!

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