peace out, rickets

This week, for the first time in two years (with a short 2 1/2 month reprieve in between) in three flats, we have no scaffolding/tarps blocking our front-facing windows. No workers right outside. No construction dust coming in. No noise, no blocked view, just sunlight. Sort of. It’s raining and winter is coming. BUT we can see out. And I actually cried a little when the men were taking it down. (Also, the men were cute.)

Out of joy.

We realized quickly that it turns out we live in a fishbowl. Who knew that like 20 different flats across the street could see into ours. Maybe I miss the tarps a little? Nope.



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3 responses to “peace out, rickets

  1. Sonjey

    Yea hooray. It is such a beauty of a building. Enjoy! Did they notice that you had done some shedding of plastic on your own!

  2. Two years?! Wow! Let there be light!

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