a few things i love plus one that i strongly dislike

I loved that the mom hosting the 1 year-old birthday party we went to this past weekend color-arranged the baby food.

My pic is blurry and I know you all have probably seen color-organized baby food on pinterest 400,000 times already and no one even blogs anymore but, well, I’m pretty busy.

A couple of nights ago I noticed that my hair -which I had thrown into a messy half-pulled through ponytail- was resembling a really cute fascinator. I was so excited about it, I took at least 20 self-portraits. Here are the only ones that won’t scare you.


Please don’t make fun of my iPhone case. I am the last person on Earth with a 3GS and this is all they sell.

(Also, on second thought I do look really scary in these pics. Sorry.)

The Frieze Art Fair is at Regent’s Park so I took the kids on a little walk past the sculptures on Sunday. This rubbish bin one sort of epitomized why I will never really get modern art.

Also, Jonah tried to run away under the Everything is Connected sign and I had to run after him and leave Simon behind which meant there was no possible scenario which could have not resulted in the possibility that at least one of my children would be available for kidnapping. Naughty preschoolers do not make me feel connected, Mr. Dumb Modern Artist Person. They just make me want to punch my head.

I made my second cottage pie ever. It’s a yummy comfort food. It’s basically the British Lasagne and you can attribute that to me when the phrase goes viral.

I’m pretty busy.



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8 responses to “a few things i love plus one that i strongly dislike

  1. toshalot

    the Everything is Connected reminds me of burning man.
    and i’m not sure about fascinator … but your hair does look messy in those pics. not scary. just messy. but you can pull that off 😉
    miss yous.

  2. I would never have believed the bin was part of the art exhibit if you hadn’t posted a pic of the sign too!

  3. Marit

    I have a 3G S as well… so you aren’t alone. But let me tell you, I feel lame every single day because my case is also grim.

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