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Soooooo, two weekends ago we were in IRELAND for a WEDDING. I just wanted to all-capitalize both those words. Maybe because IRELAND was our last stop on our World Tour 2012 and also probably the last WEDDING we will attend for the year. I am so happy Ireland was the capper. For a million years and a day we have wanted to see the world-famous Irish countryside and Isabelle and Tim getting married was our very good excuse.

First we stayed in the charming village of Adare to witness the nearby nuptials, with a ceremony in a billion-year old village church (where they gave out popcorn after – SQUEAL) and the reception at Isabelle’s childhood home in the country. One can get used to these kinds of weddings. The kind you can’t have in a new country. Isabelle works with Bryan and at one point her best friend/bridesmaid/caterer demanded to know if I was “the boss’s wife”. I said I didn’t think so. She said, “Is your husband the hot guy with the beard?” Guilty as charged. Hey oh!  Then made a mental note to myself to try to remember we were around lots of his colleagues at all levels and to stop referring to my heels as hooker shoes.


The kids really, really, really enjoyed the “ping pong” table.

Jonah has always carried a real flame for Isabelle. He was talking about her wedding for weeks and then was kind of stalking her on the actual day. Tim was a total gentleman about it.


The wedding included lots of speeches (what people in these parts call toasts, which always makes me smile) by hilarious Irish and British people. We had the best time we could with a 1 and 3 year-old in tow. And now Isabelle and Tim are moving to Singapore. As you do. Yay for them!

Then we went and stayed outside the town of Killarney for a couple of days so we could drive the famous Ring of Kerry and see Killarney National Park. And this was the view from our hotel room:

And then I never wanted to leave, ever.

But the Ring of Kerry was worth it. Beyond. (Even when Simon resumed his World Tour of Car Sickness 2012.)

Oh and this happened.

There are so many millions of Americans who visit Ireland every year, you see billboards and signs inside rental cars begging you to please drive on the left-hand side of the road. Five years in England, and I have never seen that before. God bless the potato famine emigration-descended third and fourth generation Irish-Americans who want to visit their true homeland but try to drive on the right.



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5 responses to “ireland

  1. toshalot

    Absolutely darling!
    Is Simon walking?
    Were they in the wedding too, or they were just stunners in their itty bitty tuxes?
    Those puff jackets are so terribly cute!

  2. yael

    Simon is a tricky one. He can sort of walk but refuses to usually. The boys weren’t in the wedding. We just thought we might as well get more use out of their morning suits. There might not be any more weddings on the horizon in the UK or Ireland, sadly.

  3. sonjey

    beautiful shots of Jonah and Simon…… Poor little man….. what will you do once you get back to the states? ( Vomitproof car purchase!) Ireland is simply gorgeous.. I will forward this to all my Irish American friends!

  4. I would like to play foosball with Jonah someday.

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