the most important part is about the tortoises

We leave in the morning for a wedding in Ireland. I know.

But so it’s not all travelogue, I do have a few things to mention about the past week in London. As ever.

First of all, it was beautiful weather. It felt a little Indian Summer even. Technically, it’s still Summer Summer but you know, it’s crazy London. So I’m going to designate any nice September weather as Indian. I have no idea if that’s pejorative or not. I am complimenting the weather so hopefully it’s all good. So we celebrated the weather by taking the kids last weekend to the zoo. There is always so much to see and do there, but we got pretty held up by two tortoises humping. You guys, it was crazy. The sound the one tortoise was making.

These things are like 200 years-old and as far as I knew, silent. But not while humping. I can’t claim this video as my own, but just in case you want a more sensory-laden experience.

The next day park bandstands across the city had free music concerts to celebrate the end of the Olympics and Paralympics.

Really over.

Regent’s Park had klezmer music, so that was cool. The boys all had their game day attire and the Jets killed it that night, so all is good in our home for a few minutes.

And speaking of Jets, obvi you want to follow Bryan’s blog this season. If not, just re-read old entries on Bachelor Pad. How crazy was that finale, you all?!

Jonah started preschool. I think. I don’t even know what it’s called in this country except the collective “nursery”. I was trying to make a big deal out of it but he has spent far more hours in daycare and with a nannyshare/ childminding arrangement than the limited preschool hours each week. So is it a big deal? I have no idea. But it’s a new thing for us to talk about “school” and “teachers” and when the nursery manager even says one thing to me during pick-up that is positive about Jonah, I start tearing up. I am so American. The Swiss moms are always looking at me sideways.

Oh and Halloween is coming. The news of these has made its way across the pond and I already put in an order.

I feel like if the rebel opposition in various countries in the Middle East knew about the above-mentioned products, they would put down their flag effigies and murderous rampages. Just thinking out loud.



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2 responses to “the most important part is about the tortoises

  1. I went to Fresh Market here recently, this amazing store that is really awesome and too expensive but I like to go there for the beautiful scents and to steal olives from the olive bar. Anyway they have this entire display of Halloween candy and candy corn, made me think of you. Next time I’ll take a pic 🙂

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