california part 2: everything else

Before and after the wedding in Carmel, we spent time with our favorite people in the Bay Area. We hearted it.

After the longest flight of my life, I met Kara (used to live in London) for dinner on the Embarcadero since she was in town for work. Just as I was using her phone to call my friend Tosha, it turns out Tosha had just walked out of the same restaurant. But we didn’t know it yet. How small is SF anyway? Is there like one restaurant? It’s an amazing city that almost all visitors agree is one of the coolest cities on Earth with lots of eye candy (well, I can at least vouch for the houses). I love all the times I get to visit. But man I forget how freakishly cold it is in the summer. It felt like a winter blizzard without any of the beautiful snow.

Wait, can you tell how cold it is?

We finally found the sun over the Bay in Oakland with Tosha and Cristina. W-L Class of ’94 representing the East Bay! We saw Tosh’s newish pad, went to Fairyland with the kids, ate Mexican food (praise be) and hit a playground along the beautiful Lake Merritt before going back to the San Francisco winter.


Jud and Kate had us over for a barbecue and I was digging the classic hilly SF street they live on. Did you know you get parking tickets there if you don’t curb your wheels? Anyway, we always love good American food and got to meet them again for a great American brunch (my theme of the week was bacon) and a Giants game in the great AT&T Park stadium on the water with our other friends. We somehow missed the wintry and foggy microclimates that day.


Then Heather, Mark, sweet baby Jasper and their two dogs hosted us our final weekend with a yums barbecue at their place in the city and then an incredible trip up to Inverness in a stunning guest house for a couple of nights. Bryan and I fell completely in love with this part of Marin County and the little towns nestled in the hills by Tomales Bay and the Point Reyes National Seashore. Also, Jonah has an inexplicable terror of dogs now so that was fun for everyone.


Before hitting the airport for an overnighter and the impending jet lag, we enjoyed some time in Golden Gate Park. The sun shined down on San Francisco that day and proved that if you wait long enough, the wintry climes and fog will part momentarily and show you double why it’s such a beloved city.


Also, we ate In-N-Out Burger. Thank you for that, America.

This also happened once. For like ten minutes.

And now I take the kids to Istanbul for a long weekend. I am aware of how that sentence may come across. My mother is generously flying me and the kids to see her and my brothers etc since they will all be traveling in Turkey together. I am pretty sure taking two toddlers on connecting flights by myself round-trip will more than balance out the gratitude I feel for this insane summer of travel. But I am so excited to see some of my family. It’s been way too long.



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2 responses to “california part 2: everything else

  1. Sonjey

    Have the best time in turkey and take lots of good pics

  2. deix

    oh, we LOVED spending time with all of you! come back! sam said that he’s sorry he made jonah even MORE afraid of dogs. that dog. XO!

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