california part 1: the wedding

It’s a year of weddings for us but this one was the most highly anticipated. Matt and Trish, besides being really important friends we’ve made in London, have been engaged for like five years. They are one of those couples who are sort of of this world and then a little bit of another and everyone was pretty excited to see them finally get married. Although it’s a long haul with two toddlers (Bryan and I almost got divorced three times on the flight over), we were happy to have a reason to get to California. The wedding was at the breathtaking Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley and Jonah was a ring bearer. The whole wedding experience felt like a movie to me, from welcome bonfire on the beach in Carmel-by-the-Sea to day-after taco truck to watching my first little man walk down the aisle in his morning suit and carrying a sign that said “It’s almost time for…” In fact, watching him set off with his tails and his wooden sign, headed for the masses, felt sort of like some kind of metaphor for being a mom. We’re just prepping these little people to go toward their fans of the world and away from us, aren’t we? Just kidding. I’m building an attic prison for my kids.

Anyway, add in a rowdy group of fantastic London friends, individual wedding cakes for each guest and pretty much the most epic personally-written wedding vows I have ever heard, and it was just a beautiful experience through and through. We’re still jet lagged and still happy for them. And have I mentioned the mutual adoration between Matt and Jonah?


Also, not one person in the entire state of California let pass the opportunity to remark on Jonah’s English accent. He totally has lots of new West Coast friends and admirers because of it. I’m a new accent-admirer too since I always forget he has it. The upward intonation makes the tantrums surprisingly pleasing to the ear.

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6 responses to “california part 1: the wedding

  1. toshalot

    Jonah is so handsome! I love his little shoes. And how, Yael, do you find the time to find such fabulous dresses. You look great!

    • yael

      Thanks, Snosh! I am actually selling his shoes on eBay any minute.

      I have to give my mother-in-law mad props on my dress. When she was visiting she talked me into going into a boutique by our flat I pass 400 times a day and never go into. I am convinced this neighborhood is too expensive for me. But the store was awesome and the dress majorly on sale and now it’s kind of my favorite ever. That MIL knows how to speed and bargain shop, I will say that. She could have a tv show about it.

  2. Sonjey

    Amazing post, amazing family, amazing couple, amazing wedding! This sounds and looks like it was one for the books!

  3. sonjey

    Just remember, it was your vision, my instinct and your perfect body for that and oh yes….. amazing dress!

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