just back for a minute

For a lot of the week we were just having Olympics withdrawal. Everywhere I would go, something would remind me.

They have Wenlock and Mandevilles all over town though, so it’s fun to run into them at least.

I at least like how our tv is off now. Seriously. That was a little intense. And I don’t think I appreciated until it was all over how the BBC coverage affected my experience. I get choked up when I think of the British medalists and their stories of triumph. I have no idea who the Americans were. Except Michael Phelps. I’ve heard of him.

We’re looking forward to the Paralympics. You have all probably seen this, but I could watch it all day long:

Thursday we went to the UK premiere of the film adaptation of On the Road at Somerset House. I actually had no idea it was a premiere and we had bought the tickets ages ago just because I like to see at least one outdoor movie a summer and Somerset House is a staggeringly-beautiful venue. We had to queue forever and get searched and then even when I got there early, every inch of ground space was already covered by blankets and wine-swigging picnickers. I wedged myself into a spot of cement and waited for Bryan. (It can pay off that British people are passive aggressive. In Brooklyn, 200 people would have yelled at me. In London, a few people just gave their friends knowing looks about what an a-hole I was.)


Anyway, the movie was about to begin and all of a sudden the stars of the film just strode up in front of the audience to answer a few questions by the event organizer. They were all sullen and dull and useless, but it was cool to see them anyway. It may be that the whole Kristen Stewart Cheating Drama overshadowed things, but I was pretty impressed two of the key characters in a film adaptation of an iconic American novel were Brits doing flawless American accents.

Yesterday we went to see the church wedding of our cleaning lady/sometimes-babysitter, Galina, and her husband Adrian.  They’ve been married for a year by law but wanted a church wedding. It was in a beautiful Romanian Orthodox church on Fleet Street and then we all walked to the nearby Lincoln’s Inn Fields for photos. Of the handful of guests, a few were people who Galina cleans for. She had just mentioned it to us a week ago and I am so happy it worked out and we could be a small part of her and Adrian’s London story. Galina is certainly a part of ours.


Something funny happened to us today at an ATM/cashpoint. Bryan actually called it pretty quickly. Someone started to scam us. They followed the exact playbook of #2 here.

It’s been crazy hot here. London Hot which means mid-80s. It took eight months for us all to stop wearing jackets and it feels amazing. The whole city is outside. So it’s only right that we should leave and head somewhere with worse weather: Northern California. It will be my only week on USA soil in all of 2012 and it will be cold. I mean, why go to the US if it’s not for the weather? JK. I go for the tacos.

The good news of being about to embark on an 11-hour flight in coach with a 1 year-old that pretty much just learned to walk and a 3 year-old is Bryan made inaugural use of the luggage scale I gave him for his birthday. It marks the first time in over a decade we have ever not fought right before traveling somewhere. Luggage scales are like Wikipedia for over-packing arguments. No need to plead your case when you can just check the cold, hard facts. For the record, mine was not overweight. Bryan.



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4 responses to “just back for a minute

  1. toshalot

    Wait. What? Referencing #2 on the ATM scam list doesn’t satisfy my curiosity of how Bryan caught the fact that you were “about to be” scammed. I will demand a fuller story on Tuesday.
    And, wait, what? Worse weather than London? Absolutely not! The sun shines on the regular here in NorCal. Don’t get it twisted. And it has been 70s pretty much all summer. And wait, what? I just looked at the forecast and it appears that your visit is marking a cooler week in the bay all of a sudden. Your friends are simply marrying in the wrong week of summer. The high every day this week in SF is 70 … but hey Ohhhh, the high over on “the sunny side of the bay” = Oakland is 75. That’s nothing to sneeze at. As a matter of fact, while cavorting in Oakland with me on Tuesday, I promise you will sweat, not sneeze.

  2. I cannot watch the video because “[t]he uploader has not made this video available in your country.” I protest this unfavorable treatment of me based solely upon my national origin.

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