london olympics 2012: the end … BRYAN’S BIRTHDAY!

After two of the most exciting weeks of our lives, we had to end on a high note. Bryan turned 36 on Saturday and we organized friends that night for bowling and pseudo-Amurrican food at All Star Lanes. The theme of the birthday was “Closing Ceremonies”. Everyone chose an Olympic athlete’s name as their bowling name, and my hunk of a husband, currently known as Kaminsky, bowled the highest score. Take that, real Olympians.

I feel like we were getting more excited for spares and strikes than we were for al the good things that had collectively happened in our lives for the past decade. Bowling is weird and wonderful that way.


Awards were given to the top scorers without controversy (it’s been freaking me out how the BBC pronounces that word, btw)


what’s important about this photo are my earrings

Kaminsky said he had a good night. Happy birthday again, my love. It’s on the blog so it counts as PDA.

And then it was past midnight – so Sunday morning – and the summer Olympic Games were officially coming to an end. And as we climbed out of our taxi, the driver handed us a pin and said he had no use for it. I’ve mentioned trading pins is a big thing at the Olympics, right?

So I take one look at the pin the driver is handing me and realize it’s the pin Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor have been giving out for their beach volleyball pair in this Olympics. And I ask the guy why he would ever give it up. Apparently the brother of one of the women rode in this guy’s cab, but he didn’t know who the women were. I know who they are. And I went by Misty as my bowling name. It’s some kind of sign.

And thus, the Olympic Games XXX in London are now officially over for us. Until Rio. I mean, Sochi.


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