london olympics 2012: day 15 … MUPPETS AT TEAM USA HOUSE

I am seriously starstruck.

I am typing this while the Spice Girls are rocking out on our tv for the Olympic Games XXX’s closing ceremony. I was dreading the moment when they would appear, but they actually look and sound good. No matter what, it beats when One Direction was performing and Bryan was yelling at me, just because I was the only one around. Hate the game, Bryan. Hate the game.

So… um, something awesome happened. My very wonderful friend Phil was in town in his official capacity with Sesame Street to do an event with Team USA at the USA House at the Royal College of Art, and he got us in yesterday. In some ways it’s the hottest ticket in town (the medalists and other Team USA athletes mill about there. So do fancy people. Oh and it’s free food and drink). But there was only one thing we cared about: meeting Elmo, Grover and Abby Cadabby and their puppeteers. Jonah and Simon got a private meet & greet before the main meet & greet and I tried not to look too starstruck when meeting Kevin Clash. But how can you not?

The three puppeteers were, not surprisingly, amazing with children. The joy you experience when your child is consumed by muppet love comes straight and purely from the person operating the puppet. I feel totally privileged to have seen it first-hand. And I will always be able to say that I helped them all get tickets to the women’s football/soccer finals Thursday. I mean, I got Elmo into the Olympics. Sort of.

Thanks, Phil!

Team USA house


Just because

Phil rules. Look at him doing crowd control of zealous parents.


OH MY GOSH, THE REAL MUPPETS and their puppeteers. They are totally famous and so nice and I basically cried when human Grover was being so cute to Simon. And I think Elmo snuggled my cheek. I will probably never wash it.

We also got to meet the very lovely and gracious and personable Dawn Harper, two-time medalist in the women’s 100m hurdles. Jonah = not impressed.

You can get official Team USA gear at the shop there. Like if you want the windbreaker the medalists wear on the podium- A bargain at $450.




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