london olympics 2012: day 12+ … SOCCER / FOOTBALL

Like the Olympics, this blog series is waning. At this point it’s like, what’s left? We’ve just got like taekwondo and BMX left. And the fact that BMX is an Olympic sport just proves my strong personal opinion that quads, waverunners and flip cup should also be discreet events.

But: HOW ABOUT USA WOMEN?! Taking the gold last night for football soccer! I got pretty lucky that Faye had the foresight to buy tickets to this 500 years ago so I was able to attend this incredible event. I’d never been to Wembley Stadium and it was as majestic as I had imagined. They announced at halftime attendance set a record for a women’s event at Wembley- over 80,000! And because it’s Britain, they mostly only sell sausages there. Mmm. More importantly, it was – after so, so many beers – an emotional experience. These phenomenal athletes from a country where even the federal government mandates equal funding to women’s sports, a country which sent more female athletes this year to the Olympic Games than male, a country where it was normal for me as a young girl to play multiple sports (very badly) through my primary education years – that’s a country that makes me proud and more importantly, a country that every USA woman on that field last night knows too. Their talent is other-worldly but their youth, theoretically, was mine too.

And it was interesting to have Japan as an opponent. Although it’s a rivalry ongoing from the World Cup, just given that it’s Japan it meant the friendliest, happiest, most cordial and polite competition I have ever witnessed. Lots of women dressed in kimonos and I hearted it so much. In fact, the most only obnoxious fans were the British. They came out in droves yelling NIP-PON. NIP-PON. NIP-PON. NIP-PON. over and over. In case you’re wondering – and I know you’re not – ‘Nippon’ is apparently what Japanese people call their country (can someone please explain to me how country names get translated). And if the British fans weren’t being douchey enough to OF COURSE root against the Americans (their strongest geopolitical ally last time I checked), they had to up the douchey ante and pretend they all spoke Japanese. Ugh. I’m just glad we won. In captions and pics:

on the way

have to chug before halves (too many hooligan football fans in UK means no beer at your seats)

view from our seats


medal ceremony



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5 responses to “london olympics 2012: day 12+ … SOCCER / FOOTBALL

  1. Love your blog as always and I have also always wondered why country names are translated – sometimes just a bit: Why can’t “Italia” just be “Italia” in English? Or sometimes completely changed, “España” becomes “Spain” . . . Let me know when you get some answers and enjoy the last weekend of the Olympics.

  2. Joy

    I gave up on the Olympics a few days ago, but have kept up with the blog! Love your commentary. Oh, and word about the country translation thing…how the hell did we get Germany from Deutschland? I ask you.

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