london olympics 2012: days 7-10 … SWIMMING and the today show

our view

Our friend was able to get some last-minute tickets to swimming through a work connect. I jumped since Bryan and I had found it impossible a year ago and since to even get tickets to any swim events. It didn’t matter what it was. So last Friday morning my mother-in-law and I met three friends at the Aquatic Centre in Olympic Park. I was so excited to be in this venue, I think more than anything because I was imagining the inside to be like the Water Cube in Beijing (not that I was ever in the Water Cube, but I mean I have a tv).

But because of the low, sloping roof in the middle, most of the views from the 15,000 temporary seats can’t see anything except the pool. These seats have no concessions, toilets, or air circulation and will be removed from the structure after the Games. Although we were not low down enough to truly appreciate the space, the permanent venue itself is no doubt as majestic and awesome as claimed. Either way, it was very cool to see a swimming “session”. I think I even started a very short-lived rumor that Michael Phelps would be there. Highlights:

I was actually wondering how the swimmer knows what lap he or she is on.

Women’s 400m medley heat. USA came in 4th.

in the first Men’s 400m medley heat, the British swimmers came in first and the crowd went apeshit

in the next heat, the Americans also came in 1st, but the crowd didn’t really care

But I mean, our time was faster. IJS.


After the swimming, we walked around the Park for a little bit and conveniently ended up in front of the NBC studios. Sandra and I were determined to get on tv and we watched a recorded segment of the show later and you can definitely see us for several milliseconds from very far away. Success. Other than that: Matt Lauer looks old, tv behind-the-scenes is weird and boring, Jenna Bush was there (#why?), the American female judo gold medalist was there (#awesome) and the two female stars of the show have to wear very different heels to stand next to each other.


I am pretty sure NBC really wanted us on camera.

One last thing. Or two. I love the Olympics. And the volunteers are amazing. They are so friendly and happy and sing-songy and people keep turning to me and whispering “Are they really British?” Quite.


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  1. gary russell


    What a great story and shots. Am sure was one of your and sonjey’s Olympic highlights.

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