london olympics 2012: days 7-10 … some other stuff

Our friends Nikki and Scott were in London and we were super happy to spend some time with them on Saturday. Nikki and I met as passionate feminist law students and we’ve channeled those idealistic and intellectual pursuits now seven years on: me as a stay-at-home gossip magazine reader and Nikki by working on human rights campaigns in her spare time outside of her white shoe law job. Both of us still have obscene loans though so I am thinking I am blazing the better path.

Not planned.

Nikki is a former Olympian (as a swimmer for Canada in Barcelona and Atlanta) and has a special passion for ending various forms of inequity in the Olympic Games. Just last week she was interviewed by CNN International in London on gender inequity in the 2012 Olympic Games and I am so proud of her I could burst. Watch her awesome self here.

courtesy of Scott

courtesy of Scott

In equally important news for the future reputation of the Olympic Games, my dad sent me this awesome article showcasing this new craze of women athletes getting flag manicures.

Here are two really important things that have nothing to do with the Olympics but deserve mention on one of the most popular blogs on the internet with the IP address from my laptop:

First, our friend Bridget (Bryan’s long-time friend from LI) has written a book:

By the time I post this, she is already world-famous and totally doing the publicity circuit. She might forget who we are, except she may or may not have used our names in her book!! No, for real. I’m just saying you should run out, or press a bunch of buttons, and buy it. They may even be filming the movie right now- I have no idea.

The second and last important thing to mention is that someone cut a hole in the scaffolding tarp outside our window. Vandalism on a construction site is serious business and as my retinas adjust to the first view of unfiltered natural light in seventeen years, I am going to ponder the gravity of the situation.


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