london olympics 2012: days 7-10 … BOXING and boxing outrage

Friday night we had boxing tickets (flyweight and welterweight 16s) with our same group of ticket-pooling friends. I was ambivalent about boxing. I have never cared about boxing and decided on Friday morning I was morally opposed to the idea of beating someone up for sport (at least physically). Bryan informed me that Olympic Games boxing is different from, like, Rocky IV boxing. So I went. We all did. And it was fun. And it’s not just in movies- there really were Irish guys yelling at the fighters, boxers entering to loud, pumping music with silky-bathrobe encased swagger and controversy! Oh and USA got booed when our man entered. Envy really is a biblical sin, people.

Errol Spence for Team USA lost to a fighter from India. Can you tell from the pictures he actually won? He did.

Highbrow food for a highbrow sport.

We learned the day after Spence’s fight that he contested the results and his loss was overturned. Check it here.

This our friend doing (mostly) hard-hitting reporting for the BBC:

she might kill me for this tv screen shot

She is making it her mission to expose the corruption in Olympic Games boxing. Who gets name-checked in the New Yorker?! Wowza. Check it.



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2 responses to “london olympics 2012: days 7-10 … BOXING and boxing outrage

  1. toshalot

    who’s that man with his arm around you in all of these olympics pictures? please make sure that at the soccer game all of the posed pics you take in the crowd are of you with bryan’s arm around you.

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