london olympics 2012: day 6 … BEACH VOLLEYBALL

View from our seats!

On a sunny, blue-skied, warm morning during the London 2012 Olympics, we somehow ended up in the very first row of the very best venue in the most fun setting for four preliminary rounds of men’s and women’s beach volleyball. The ‘somehow’ involved a second attempt at the lottery, an obstructed view which meant the venue moved us and the whimsy of Mother Nature. Throw in lots of beer, a record-setting 26 rotations of the Mexican wave (they call it that here), a surprisingly good DJ for stops in play and an abundance of national pride, and it was a Phenomenal morning. Capital P.

Oh wait, and how about the entertainment. Do they show this on NBC and BBC?

So freaking excited!

I didn’t know I was supposed to wear sunglasses.

from the matches

Bryan took the camera

Look, they do secret hand signals!


I learned a lot about beach volleyball: the scoring; the rules of the game; the way you could live in The Netherlands and bizarrely have a better team than people from Argentina; the way the dominant Brazilian mens team hugs before and after a match; the way a European crowd roots much harder for Canada than Italy; the way Latvian men in sunglasses could look like California surfer dudes from a slight distance and how selling beer from 10am is a very good idea – made only better if it was 9am.


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One response to “london olympics 2012: day 6 … BEACH VOLLEYBALL

  1. Becky Allen...Mother-of-the-Groom

    Yikes…not certain if this came to me from Yael or Trish…I LOVED IT !!! What a fab time you must have had…I am so happy for you all that you are taking advantage of this…love it all…great memory making…Becky Allen

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