london olympics 2012: day 4

Speaking of Ryan Lochte, this is the one we surprise got at the store today:

I’ve spent another day participating very little in the Olympic Games. That will be remedied soon I hope.

Poor Team GB is 21st in the medals rankings. The BBC keeps reminding us that will change as the week progresses and there are events like rowing and cycling. I don’t know- I think the medal rankings should be weighted per capita.

Tonight Stella McCartney was interviewed about designing the official kit (love this Britshy word) for Team GB. I was so happy to see this interview because (a) I love the Team GB kits and (b) Stella McCartney has always come across to me in every interview I have seen or read as totally genuine and nice and down-to-earth (look, she rides the tube!). Here are some interesting facts I learned from the interview:

  • There are over 500 different uniforms to actually design because of all the various sports, both sexes and then the different outfits for the podium or press etc.
  • She mentioned the collaboration with Adidas and it reminded me that maybe I have never mentioned on this blog how “Adidas” is actually pronounced and how it took me moving here to discover it. It’s weird to me that an Adidas-loving nation of 300+ million would pronounce the brand name wrong, but whatever. The US does what it wants. The US doesn’t care.
  • McCartney mentioned that gymnastics was toughest for her because unlike every other sport, the athletes are also judged on style.
  • She wanted the kits to be iconic. I think they are and they are my favourite of the games. But the US ones are my favorite too. Although I think Team GB definitely has the win in gymnastics (only in uniform. GO, USA WOMENS TEAM GOLD!). I have been in love with the lion profile logo for so many months (NEXT and Olympic Shops have been carrying gear for months and months before the Games) and I am so digging the women’s gymnastics outfits. Even though they didn’t medal, look how fabs they look:


  • McCartney was diplomatic but made it clear she did not develop the Team GB opening ceremony kits. Which totally makes sense now because of how weird and not fashionable they were.
  • When asked what she has attended so far, McCartney said: “I’ve been to the swimming and the diving.” I know I have mentioned it before, but I do so love putting “the” before every sport. So British. So charming to me.

BBC did its very cinematic snapshot highlights reel tonight of its athletes set to – what else – Oasis’ Wonderwall. I miss the focus on American athletes and better music options.

There’s been much talk of no evidence yet of an Olympic boost on the high street. Anecdotally, I could not agree more. I am still shocked every day when I am out how quiet central London is, how easy it is to be in the stores and how fast it goes in a taxi from W1 to EC1 (where we live to The City). The experts tell us hosting the Olympics is not conducive to also have lots of tourism and so a trade-off is often the norm. Considering past cities to host the Summer Games in recent years, I can see though how this trade-off would hit a city like London the hardest. One of the most visited places on Earth, it especially swells in July and August. Not this year. But it’s nice to hear tourism experts explain there is a long-term boon. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are watching London vistas on their tvs for two weeks street. It will make even more people want to come here.

I was in a cab today after locking myself and kids out of the flat right before their bedtime (pro move) and my cab driver was lamenting that yes, his business is majorly suffering this week. He says the media scared everyone away. But more important than that, the driver was complimenting my correct taxi etiquette of speaking to the driver pre and post ride from outside the cab. Maybe he thought my accent would make me unaware of the etiquette, but anyway it’s good I am appropriate in at least one daily situation. It’s funny that NYC cabs are the exact opposite and frankly, I think a mix of both should be the standard. I agree that you should tell the driver where you want to go from outside the cab because essentially you are making a request and should await confirmation. But, I think you should be able to pay from inside the cab because transacting money seems safer and more pleasant away from potential thieves and inclement weather. I always hate having to dig through my bag and hold an umbrella at the same time.

So, Michael Phelps. Wow.

Here is my cute, sweet, almost 6-year old nephew, Aidan, representing in front of his house on Long Island. His mom said like 17 people stopped him to admire his shirt.

Can you buy gear easily in the US?



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4 responses to “london olympics 2012: day 4

  1. Sonjey

    There were slim pickins in old navy! Im on my way. Let the games begin!

  2. Carrie in CT

    So how do you pronounce Adidas?! I didn’t know there was a controversy there.

    • yael

      For reals. The English have it right, as well.

      • Carrie in CT

        Interesting. I had no idea. And of course I wouldn’t bc we Americans are honey badgers, as you pointed out already. But I don’t think I’m going to buck the trend state-side, even though I would be correct. Like when you pronounce “ZaGAT” and people look at you funny.

        In other Olympic news, I am squarely jumping on the Nathan Adrian bandwagon. Hottie McHotterson.

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