london olympics 2012: day 3

The extent of my Olympics participation today was that I walked two blocks to take the kids to our usual miscellaneous shopping at John Lewis – which luckily happens to be the official department store of the London Olympics and therefore has the largest 2012 shop anywhere – and we picked up one of these:

We got judo, if you’re wondering. You can’t choose what’s in your ‘mystery pack’.

I was so glad I searched online for an image because I came across this fun!

Miscellaneous thoughts of the day:

  • There is all the hullabaloo about empty seats and I am as offended as anyone. Although we have tickets, they were hard to get, they weren’t our first-choice events and took two and three tries in various lotteries and many frustrating hours on the computer. But lots of people didn’t get tickets at all and of course it’s insulting to see so many of the best (corporate) seats empty. It’s one of the only negatives I can say about how London has handled these Games and I hope something gets figured out quickly.
  • Thousands of people in London volunteered to help in the Games, which is awesome. As I crossed Marble Arch the other day (or as I refer to it: very likely what hell looks and feels like) and saw a volunteer decked out in official garb helping direct pedestrian traffic, I realized that probably 90% of the volunteers have incredibly thankless tasks, far away even from any of the venues.
  • It’s just fun to see Olympics tourists around. They always have their country name emblazoned somewhere and I can’t wait to get my USA on. But to be fair, I am a fan of Team GB too.
  • The BBC is doing, in my humble opinion, a stellar job covering the Games. We can watch every event live on tv and press a button to switch to any other live event (I don’t really understand it, but it has to do with our remote and not just sequential channels). Every single event is live-streamed on its website as well and it’s the best site I have seen so far for instant and breaking reporting in a way that is more organized and official than Twitter. The studios they built in Olympic Park are beautiful and of course with incredible views. I would never wish for anything different. That said, Bryan and I totally miss Bob Costas. We don’t get all the human interest back story packages on the American athletes produced for NBC. And I sometimes get confused when I am ebullient after a race – like tonight for example watching Americans win two Golds in a row! for 100M backstroke – and the commentator is all “oohh, well that’s a real disappointment.”
  • I’ve decided that male swimmers have hot cyborg bodies whereas male gymnasts have hot bodies. It may be my height preference. But swimmers look kind of freaky, right? Hot freaky.
  • The mascots have taken a major beating and for months I have been right there along side the hate. I will never understand why they have to look so bizarre. But the other day Jonah wanted a Wenlock so bad and now he carries it everywhere and it makes him so happy. And so I am thinking that the kids know something we don’t.
  • I have no idea why, but almost the most excited I have gotten so far is when 15-year old Ruta Meilutyte from Lithuania won the women’s 100m breaststroke tonight. She is so young and it’s the first time Lithuania has ever medaled in the water (wow!). And in her post-victory interview, she was as stunned and inarticulate as someone that young and improbable should be. Good stuff.


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7 responses to “london olympics 2012: day 3

  1. Poren

    Keep ’em coming! Can I herby request a full blog post on the hotness that is Ryan Lochte??

  2. Elizabeth

    Totally agree on swimmers vs gymnasts bodies.

    The tape delay finally worked in my favour. I finished Bachelor Pad, then had the lovely palate cleanser of seeing Team GB bring it in Men’s Gymnastics.

  3. faye

    Our entire house agrees with you on missing Bob Costas. We were even thinking of slingboxing American Olympics to get the sob stories.

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