london olympics 2012: opening ceremony!

I can’t believe the Olympics are finally here! There were times when I worried we wouldn’t live here for them and then times when I was convinced I would have front-row seats to diving and gymnastics and all emotions in between. Now I am just ready to do this! I’m going to be blogging about it but mostly for the usual reason: to watch myself talk to myself. But if you also have the fever, yay! Let me know if you want me to send some merch your way. You can’t walk two feet in London anymore without tripping over something with the rings logo, the 2012 logo or those horrible mascots they devised.

Bryan happened to get to see the torch relay near his office Thursday.


So we watched most of the opening ceremonies from down the pub. Aces decision as it was just the right vibe of exuberance and drinking. And we managed to talk two British friends into joining us- FOR REAL, THEY WERE BRITISH. Maybe it was the 3+ Budvars I drank in rapid succession, but this is what I would have live-Tweeted if I were cooler, younger and had a newer iPhone:

  • I’m outside the pub and I see the fly past! HOLY!
  • I am so excited, I am so excited. I AM SO EXCITED.
  • Sheep!
  • Oh my gosh, this video makes London look so cool. London is so cool. London is the best city on Earth. Does the whole world see how cool London is? Look, there’s the tube!
  • I’m crying.
  • London is the coolest.
  • I live here!
  • Wait, the Queen agreed to do a bit with Daniel Craig and a helicopter?? I am crying! Long Live The Queen! I love her! Four Budvars!
  • Mr. Bean is so funny.
  • I am crying because I drank almost four Budvars and Mr. Bean is SO FUNNY.
  • I loved Mr. Bean in Love Actually. (In case anyone was wondering.)
  • This is so beautiful- Britain through the ages.
  • I know I’m drunk because the suffragettes are making me cry. You guys, women can vote! That’s right everyone, we can vote!
  • Look, the Industrial Revolution is so cinematic.
  • Where is the part where they colonized and pillaged the rest of the world?
  • NHS!
  • I love Queen.
  • Wayne’s World!
  • David Beckham is smoking hot. It’s kind of outrageous.
  • It’s weird to know that half of these countries’ flag bearers would defect in a second.
  • I am totally against microstates. BOO, ANDORRA.
  • I didn’t realize how many nations consider a cowboy hat their official head covering.
  • Canada brought it.
  • Everyone in the pub is booing Germany. Awkward.
  • Mexico really, really brought it.
  • All the islands made me cry with their tropical ensembles.
  • It’s fun to count the blondes when the Scandinavian countries enter.
  • It’s kind of creepy when countries have to put the word “Democratic” in their name, right?
  • I am so, so, so, so, so ashamed of the USA’s berets. Major FAIL.
  • Michelle Obama makes me so proud to be an American.
  • Time for Team GB!!!! So much anticipation!
  • Oh no, their outfits kind of suck and the Queen is picking at her nails and Will, Kate and Harry look like they would rather be doing body shots at Mahiki. Even David and Samantha Cameron can’t muster a Michelle Obama-like wave and cheer. Poor GB.
  • At least the athletes look super psyched.
  • Bryan is bugging me because he keeps repeating “I saw Arctic Monkeys ten years ago, this is lame.”
  • How ridiculous is it that everything has to be announced in French and then English?
  • Oh holy, this torch running is giving me goosebumps.
  • It’s past midnight and I just ate way too many peanut butter M&Ms.
  • This hundreds of torches thing converging into the cauldron is pretty amazing.
  • Quick, run to the bathroom window! I can hear the fireworks and see the sky getting lit up.
  • Paul McCartney just sounds okay.
  • It’s so late.


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5 responses to “london olympics 2012: opening ceremony!

  1. toshalot

    you are insane. and you are hilarious! i love the all-in-one-on-my-blog approach to tweeting. sweet. because if you’d actually tweeted these i would’ve missed them since i’m not on twitter and these were all fantastic! drunk yael shouting “long live the queen” all on account of a bit she did with daniel craig is almost too much for me to bear! hilarious!

  2. Poren

    This is me gushing once again over what a great blogger you are! Still giggling at your “live tweets” as I watch the opening ceromonies for my first time on repeat. National pride (really, pride period) makes me cry too. But you are so right, awful berets! Get it together, America!

  3. Sonjey

    Some of it was spectacular. Some a little silly Hated gb’s outfits and their gold lame lapels. I was amazed at how many countries I never heard of before ! Anyway Can’t wait to be there and feel the same emotions. Wow on seeing the torch

  4. yael

    Thanks you all! Now Team GB just needs a really triumphant sports moment. Day 2 was a little rough.

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