london olympics 2012: day 1

We were at a dinner tonight and discussing how during the Olympics we all become experts in obscure sports. All I know is when we took the kids to Hyde Park today to watch some of the events happening in real-time on the big screens, Bryan was getting pretty animated during archery. He kept yelling “I LOVE KAMINSKY. COME ON, KAMINSKY.” I screamed out loud when the US got ahead of Korea. Archery. Who knew.

Not everyone’s into handball.

Wait, for real? (Look closer)


Four helicopters above the road race.


so into it

sort of into it



This is Ben from Boston and he’s staying at a hostel and needs tickets. If you know anyone.

true dat



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2 responses to “london olympics 2012: day 1

  1. friend of friend

    read it already.

    • yael

      As promised, I am reading it and underlining all the obscenely misplaced British phrases of speech for a later rant to myself (or you, if you’re lucky).

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