st lucia holiday

We had been to St. Lucia a few times before years ago, but only for a day or two at a time and only as a stop on a cruise. I remembered the beauty of the island because of its mountainous drama of the Pitons, and I remembered good things about the island told from friends who served in the Pearce Corps in that region of the West Indies. I am so glad Mel & Nick’s wedding gave our family an excuse to go, and that Bryan’s mom joined us for most of the week trip. We stayed at the Bay Gardens Resort on Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay, which happens to be prime-placed on the Western northern side of the island, making for an epic sunset happy hour every single evening. Holy.

St. Lucia really is so beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly and proud to be from there. Add in the local beer and rum, the soca/calypso music, in-season mangoes falling from trees and the janky rowboat steered by a fruit seller who kept me in fresh coconuts, and it just confirms for Bryan and me for the nth time that the Caribbean is our happy place. I am pretty sure it is now the kids’ as well.

Oh and lots of people were psyched about Jonah’s British accent. I rarely even notice it so it’s fun to leave these British shores and be reminded.



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10 responses to “st lucia holiday

  1. There is so much adorable and awesome happening here, but I think the photo of Bryan and Simon in matching v-necks is definitely, like, in the top five best things ever on this blog.

  2. Sonjey

    Thanks for having me. It was so beautiful. A really neat place!

  3. You should know that Steve wants your life. He wants to be Mrs. Bryan C and promises to give him beautiful children.

  4. toshalot

    your life is famous in my office. your life and your achingly beautiful kids.

  5. summer

    I wish it were Bryan on that horse in the one picture.

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